Standing Desk Mats

For high quality standing mats your feet will love from 9-5 look no further than We Sell Mats™ standing mats. Whether you’re looking for standing desk mats or kitchen mats to stand on while cooking or doing dishes, We Sell Mats™ has the modern and classic standing mats you’re looking for to create a comfortable space that matches your style. Shop all of We Sell Mats™ floor tiles for home and office today to find the durable yet stylish mats you need for flooring options that work for you.  

Standing Desk Mats

With so much time spent at home, now is the perfect time to revamp your home office with standing desk mats from We Sell Mats™ our standing desk mats and standing mats work in the kitchen, home office or playroom to create a comfortable flooring option with seamless transition throughout your home. Home office standing desk mats feel great under your feet. Indentation can occur with heavier equipment or desks sitting on top. For best results, place standing desk mats directly in front of heavy equipment, and under PVC mats for your computer or desk chair to easily maneuver on.

Standing desk mats are available in modern and classic styles. For a touch of modernity, consider our ⅜” or ⅝” thick Forest Floor® printed foam and farmhouse mats. These mats will give you that hardwood look to match your current hardwood, without the hardwood feel. Plus, our standing mats will work to protect your floors, win-win! Forest Floor® printed foam mats are the high-density EVA foam standing desk mat to match white oak, walnut, slate, mahogany, light bamboo, cherry, or a dark carbon color. Each standing mat tile comes with 2 borders so you can create a space as big or small as you need with a seamless finish throughout your home or in one designated home office space.

Multi-Purpose Standing Mats

For durable floor mats that will go the extra mile, check out We Sell Mats™ ¾” and 1” thick multi-purpose mats. These anti-fatigue standing mats look and feel great in the kids playroom or with our home gym mats. Choose from over 8 colors to create a space you love, all while delivering the comfort and support you and your loved ones need while playing, exercising or standing for long periods of time. Use these anti-fatigue standing mats to revamp any space in your home with high-quality EVA foam designed to last for years to come.

For a more durable standing mat perfect for light bodyweight workouts or use as a standing desk mat, look no further than the VELOTAS® rubber-topped standing mat, available in ⅜” thickness and three color options for a professional gym look you can apply in any space.