Interlocking Foam Floor Mat Tiles

We carry EVA interlocking floor mat tile products in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and surfaces. We also offer free samples of our foam floor mats, so you can be sure that the color and material finish you plan to order meet your needs.

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to create a play space for your little one? With bright colors and soft mat materials, your kids will enjoy playing on our foam floor mats as they grow from baby stages to their wonder years. Our interlocking foam floor mat tiles provide a soft and safe surface for your baby or children to play on. The interlocking design means you can easily configure the tiles into any shape or size you need, perfect for creating a custom play space in your home. Whether you have a baby who is learning how to enjoy tummy time or crawl or toddlers who love to explore and adventure, you can design a comfortable play area all children will enjoy. 

Our interlocking tiles are made of soft, durable, water-resistant foam, making them perfect for use in daycares, at home, or anywhere else children might be playing. When you join your baby or children at play, you’ll be happy to experience the relief that our soft interlocking floor mat tiles offer your knees and back. The anti-fatigue form won’t wear down quickly and provides a firm yet comfortable cushion to lessen the impact of playing. Plus, they are durable enough that you can use them in a variety of different environments—from nurseries and daycares to homes with pets or active kids. Our interlocking foam floor mat tiles are also super easy to transport and set up. If you’re a babysitter on the go or a parent looking to create a play space for your baby or children while traveling, you can bring your floor tiles with you! 

No worries when it comes to a little dirt or spills! Our rubber foam floor tiles and mats are easy to keep clean; simply sweep the dirt off or wipe down with a wet cloth and air dry. These foam mats for floors are also easily interchangeable. So, if one is damaged, it is easy to replace! 

Our foam floor tiles are a versatile and thoughtful addition to any home, daycare, or babysitting space. They provide plenty of cushioning for playtime and easy cleanup when the inevitable spills happen. They can also be used as an imaginative backdrop in children’s creative play areas. Because they are so versatile, you can also use your foam mats for stretching, body-weight exercises, or cosplay. Whether you need workout flooring, playroom mats, or titles for another activity, we encourage you to explore our selection of designs and colors so that you can find the right foam flooring for your space!