Dancing Foam Floor Tile Mats

Dance the night (or day) away at home or in the studio with high-quality dance mats and floor tiles from We Sell Mats™. Choose from any one of dance foam floor styles to match your unique space while providing a firm, cushioned support so you can practice your dance moves with less impact on your joints. You’ll love how easy our dance mats are to assemble, clean and come apart for easy storage. Shop our large selection of dance mats today for a more comfortable dancing space at home or in the studio.


Hardwood Dance Foam Floor Tiles

Forest Floor ® printed foam dance mats create a realistic appearance of hardwood floors, all while giving you a comfortable space to practice your moves on. Our Forest Floor® printed dance mats are available in ⅜” and ⅝” thickness, so you can find the thickness that matches your needs. Plus, with several pattern options to choose from, you’ll be able to create the appearance of hardwood, slate, bamboo, cork or mahogany floors anywhere in your home or studio! The Forest Floor® dance floor tiles are available in shades of black, white, gray and browns, giving you the unique look of hardwood flooring that’s soft to the touch.    

Multi-Purpose & PVC Dance Floor Tiles

 Looking to do more with your floors? Our multi-purpose dance floor tiles just might be the thing you need! Our multi-purpose dance foam floor tiles come in over 15 colors and 4 thicknesses for a truly perfect fit in your home or studio so your dance student can safely learn new dance moves and practices techniques. The anti-fatigue EVA foam dance mats provide firm cushioned support to lessen the impact of jumps, twirls and hard landings during dance routines.

If you need a more resilient dance floor surface, consider our ¼” smooth top pvc floor tiles, also available in several color options. These PVC dance floor tiles are extremely tough, suitable for both commercial and residential applications, like commercial gym flooring or working well with our large selection of gymnastics mats for added support. These multi-purpose and PVC dance floor tiles make it easy to share one space for multiple purposes. Use these mats under treadmill bike mats, ninja warrior mats and even pet floor mats for a safe yet comfortable flooring option in the basement or garage.

No matter what kind of dancing you’re into, We Sell Mats™ has the dance floor tiles to help you practice safely. Browse our large selection of dance mats today to find your perfect fit for any space.