DIY Building Tips for the Ultimate Gift for Kids: A Playroom

DIY Building Tips for the Ultimate Gift for Kids: A Playroom

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Whether it’s at home or in the classroom, you can surprise the kids with a unique, 100% customizable gift that will keep on giving until they say when: a kids playroom!

There are multiple benefits to building a kid’s playroom. Not only does it give the kids a designated place to get creative, but it can also help prevent messes from popping up all over the house or learning space. A kid’s playroom can serve as a space for important social lessons to be learned or where your kids go to express themselves in a safe, fun, and creative way. The only question that’s left to answer is, “where should I start?”

From floor to ceiling and every reading nook and cranny in between, We Sell Mats™ DIY building tips have you covered with how to build a kid’s playroom that’s safe, functional, and fun.

8 Essentials For The Ultimate Kid’s Playroom

1. Kid’s Playroom Flooring

First things first: kid’s playroom flooring. Whether they’re getting rough n’ tumble, drawing up a storm, or playing games on the floor, supportive flooring will go a long way in terms of comfort and durability. Plus, it will protect your original flooring!

Our #1 recommendation for kid’s playroom flooring is the We Sell Mats™ interlocking foam floor mats. These foam floor tiles come in several styles and over 15 colors options perfect for any playroom. Choose from traditional foam-top tiles, carpet top foam tiles, or Forest Floor® Wood Grain Floor Tiles, which feature several printed styles like oak, barnwood brown, farmhouse wood floor styles, and more.

Non-carpeted foam floor tiles sweep and wipe up easily for quick cleaning of spills and messes or regular disinfecting. The interlocking design makes these tiles extremely easy to set up and take apart, and they can even be secured without fear of sticky residue with our Double-Sided Flooring Tape. Each tile comes with two borders for a seamless fit, and custom sizing is simple since foam tiles can be cut to size.

For extra support and padded protection, we recommend incorporating area rugs and sensory floor mats like our gymnastics tumbling mats.

2. A Reading Nook

Reading is critical to a child’s development. Adding a reading nook to your kid’s playroom design will make this critical learning tool easily accessible for your child, allowing them to dive into a new magical world. It can encourage quiet time and help calm a child and transition into the next part of their day, helping to establish a routine.

3. Music & Theatre

Just like reading, musical expression and playing pretend are also vital to a child’s development, which makes a music and theatre space a must-have for any kid’s playroom. Whether you choose to build a small stage for your child to perform or hang musical instruments on the wall above a chest of dress-up clothes, rest assured your efforts will not go to waste.

4. Storage

It may go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway—storage is an absolute must-have for any kid’s playroom. Baskets, cubicles, and toy buckets can quickly organize a space, while smaller spaces can benefit from functional furniture with storage capabilities built right in.

5. Skill Shapes & Trainers

What would a playroom be without a little play? Skill shapes and trainers help kids work on balance, coordination, climbing skills, and other sensory play. Consider incorporating foam balance beams, incline mats, and tumbling octagons.

6. Crafting Table & Chairs

Once the kids are tuckered out from all that sensory play, sit them down for an arts and crafts session at their crafting table. A table can serve as a place to build and create or double as a sturdy, flat platform for train sets, building blocks, painting, or any other creative thing they can dream up and build atop a table.

7. A Hideaway Space

Have a corner you don’t know what to do with? Make a hideaway! Whether it’s sheets draped over chairs, a small teepee, or a tent, adding a space where kids can “escape” can be really exciting for a child. They may utilize it to play secret games with their toys, read books, or have a moment to themselves as they sort through their emotions after an intense moment of having to share a toy. The possibilities are endless with a hideaway, so make sure it’s on your list when you build the playroom of your kids’ dreams.

8. Color

Did you know that color can influence creativity? While neutral tones and wooden toys may be the newest trend, they can also be kind of boring. Don’t be afraid to paint a fun, colorful accent wall, or string, tape, or tack up your child’s artwork throughout the room to liven things up.

Build The Kid’s Playroom Of Their Dreams with We Sell Mats™

No matter what your ultimate kid’s playroom design plans include, We Sell Mats™ is sure to have the perfect kid’s playroom flooring and supportive sensory mats they can comfortably dance, play, and express themselves on. Shop today to start planning!

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