Interlocking Wood Grain Floor Mats

We Sell Mats™ wood grain floor mats are the perfect solution to having a soft surface the kids can play on while preserving the pristine look of your wood floors. The stylish Forest Floor® interlocking wood grain mats are available in a number of patterns to match your hardwood, slate, mahogany, bamboo or cork floors and work anywhere you need them! Get the vintage farmhouse look with Forest Floor’s farmhouse collection, available in multiple patterns and perfect for light bodyweight exercises, yoga or indoor workouts. We Sell Mats™ wood grain interlocking foam floor mats will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style for years to come. For extra protection and secured placement, be sure to add our double sided flooring tape and floor tile carrying bag.

Forest Floor Printed Foam Mats

We Sell Mats™ Forest Floor® printed foam mats are the stylish solution to your comfortable flooring needs. Available in ⅜” or ⅝” thickness, our wood grain floor mats elevate any room's decor with a faux wood grain print to create the appearance of hardwood, slate, mahogany, bamboo or cork. These mats work perfectly in the basement, living room, playroom, classroom, tradeshows and more! Wood grain interlocking foam floor mats assemble in just a few minutes over any hard, flat indoor surface. Assemble as whole tiles or easily trim tiles for wall-to-wall installation. 

Forest Floor® printed foam mats are made for parents, by parents. That’s why We Sell Mats™ takes pride in the affordability, style and comfort of our mats. It’s also why our wood grain floor mats can handle most minor messes and are easy to wipe clean after a fun playdate or hard workout. Secure your printed foam mats to the floor for extra security with our residue free Pirate Anchor floor tape.  You’ll love our trade show floor tile carrying bag for easy, on-the-go storage and hassle free transport. All of our foam floor tiles meet CPSIA safety standards and fit any space. You’ll love the difference they make in your home, office, playspace, or anywhere else you need them!

Farmhouse Collection Foam Mats

We Sell Mats™ has quality products in one of a kind prints you need for a personalized home gym or play space at prices second-to-none. You’ll love the Forest Floor® Farmhouse collection wood grain floor mats to keep your home looking stylish while also providing a place to do light bodyweight workouts or give the kids a place to comfortably play. Our 24x24 mats are available in either ⅜” or ⅝” thickness. Enjoy these stylish anti-fatiguing wood looking rubber floor mats.