Cheese Wedge Incline Mats for Gymnastics

Choosing the Right Gymnastics Cheese Wedge Incline Mat

When you're looking for a good gymnastics cheese wedge incline mat for sale, it can be challenging to understand what matters about different sizes of wedge mats. Aside from ensuring that you're purchasing durable mats from a reputable company, the most important variable to consider about a cheese mat is the height of the gymnasts who will use the mat. Whatever the height of your athlete, always take care to purchase an incline mat that is at least one foot longer than the athlete is tall.

Our Preschool Cheese Wedge Incline Mat is 34" long, which makes it appropriate only for very young children who are still well under three feet tall. Our standard Gymnastics Cheese Wedge Incline Mat is available in three sizes: Medium (60" long), Large (72" long), and Large-Plus (84"), so you can select the ideal mat for any gymnast ages 5 and up, accommodating heights from under 5 feet tall to over 6 feet tall. Finally, our Competition Cheese Wedge Incline Mat is available in sizes XL (96" long) and XXL (120" long) in order to accommodate the more demanding environment of a professional gymnastics club.

With the exception of the Preschool Incline Mat, all sizes are folding gymnastics wedge mats, which means that the cheese mat is designed to fold in half to form a rectangular shape which is much easier to carry and store.

With a trustworthy source and the right knowledge, it's easy to find the right folding (or non-folding!) gymnastics cheese wedge incline mat for sale, and all of us here at We Sell Mats pride ourselves on the quality, durability, and reputation of all our mats. We're confident you'll find the perfect gymnastics wedge mat for sale, and in just the right color.

*we recommend consulting your gymnastics/cheer coach to ensure the proper size is purchased for your athlete.