Cheese Wedge Incline Mats for Gymnastics

Gymnastics fanatics of every age will love the comfort and durability of a gymnastics incline mat from We Sell Mats™. The preschool incline mat is the perfect size for young gymnasts between 3 and 5, while our larger gymnastics incline mat will be a fan favorite for those 6 and up. Our commercial grade construction mats made with high quality vinyl and easy to carry handles fold in half for hassle free transport and storage. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and types of mats, ranging from tumbling mats, gymnastic mats, and crash pads for your very own personalized home gymnastics experience. We Sell Mats™ sells only the highest quality gymnastics wedge mats for home and gymnastics studios.

Prepare To Flip Anywhere With a Wedge Mat

Anyone who has a gymnast in their house knows the flips and rolls don’t end at the studio. That’s why We Sell Mats™ takes pride in the portability of our products. Take your incline mats with you with ease so you can keep your little gymnast happy and moving. Beginner and seasoned gymnasts alike can benefit from having just one or a combination of our gymnastics wedge mats available to use wherever they go! The preschool cheese wedge mat is ideal for the beginner gymnast between 3 and 5 years old. These fun, multi colored incline mats help with balancing and positioning during therapy sessions. Professional gymnastics incline mats are recommended for accomplished gymnasts in a gym environment, since they are very large.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Our gymnastics incline mats only get bigger! All sizes fold in half for easier carrying and storage, with handles on the sides to easily transport your mats. Use folded wedges as spotting blocks, obstacles, or jumping platforms. Consider the gymnastics incline mat for your intermediate gymnasts 6 years and older. But how can you tell what size is right? Easy! You’ll want an incline wedge mat at least one foot longer than the height of the athlete. The high quality vinyl cover resists ripping from frequent use.  Consider pairing an incline mat with the soft landing of a tumbling mat, available in multiple sizes and colors.

Gymnastics Wedge Incline Mats For Home

Not only are the We Sell Mats™ gymnastics incline mats easy to transport and come in sizes for every type of gymnast, but they’re also easy to clean! Simply wipe with soap warm water. Commercial grade construction using heavy duty 18oz vinyl cover and Crosslink Polyethylene Foam means you’re getting a durable, long lasting product at an incredible value. Our gymnastics incline mats for home are the perfect solution to keeping your little ones busy, whether they’re gymnasts or toddlers! Kids will love the fun colors as they play on the wedge mats. Help your 3-5 year old learn the basics of tumbling in the comfort of your own home on CPSIA safety regulated products.

Shop our large variety of gymnastics mats today and get a leg up on the competition all while enjoying the comfort of your own home. For a gymnast, practice is never over. What better way to keep them busy on a bad weather day than to have their own personalized gym space in the house? Our extensive selection ranges from simple tumbling and gymnastics incline mats to small, medium, large and extra large wedge mats. You will love mixing and matching to create a one of a kind gymnastics space that perfectly suits you and your families needs.