Welcoming Kids into a Grown-Up Home

Welcoming Kids into a Grown-Up Home

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As we open our homes to small groups of friends and family this season to celebrate the holidays, we welcome the company of guests from all walks of life, from homes very different than our own. While guests bringing children may come from homes that suit kid-friendly standards of entertainment and durability, little bundles of joy don’t always mix with a place only adults call home. Accommodating younger guests shouldn’t stop you from having the best possible holiday gathering, and with just a few preparations, any home can be the perfect small party destination for everyone.

Maintain Your Home with Merry Modifications

Getting your home ready for eager little ones doesn’t have to be hard, but it means more than locking up fragile valuables. Establishing an appealing space for kids in the basement or extra room, away from mingling areas, opens up your party to families without making the entire night kid-centric. An appealing pop-up playroom can be designated with just about anything from play tents to baby gates depending on the age of your guests. For the floor, EVA foam puzzle tiles have been a play area staple for years.

Start Prepping for a Protected Party

If you’re welcoming parents and guardians and their little ones into your grown-up abode, then We Sell Mats is here to help you prepare a play space that all your guests will appreciate. Our interlocking EVA foam tiles are the best flooring for play with several colors to choose from, whether you want to embrace the festive seasonal colors, or keep it subtle for later use as a resolution-ready home gym. No matter which color you choose, our high-quality mats are always a crowd pleaser.

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