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Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gifting

We have mats for everyone on your list: from gymnasts, wrestlers, fitness fanatics, and more. Our tumbling mats and skill shapes are ideal for helping your gymnast practice at home. We have size options for all levels of experience. Our new wrestling mats are convenient for home use as well. They roll up quickly and can be stored in a closet when not in use. Got a friend or sibling who loves to exercise? A folding fitness mat is the perfect gift option; they are lightweight and have carrying handles for easy portability.

Beginner Gymnast or Cheerleader

For the younger ones just starting out, we suggest a 4x6 folding exercise mat, foam balance beam, and a medium octagon skill shape. The folding exercise mat is a good value for a beginner. It’s made of a little softer foam core than our gymnastics tumbling mats, yet still firm enough for practicing rolls, splits, cartwheels, and other skills that require less impact. Our popular folding 9’ balance beam is a less intimidating option for beginners as it lays flat to the ground and helps build balancing confidence to prepare them for the next level. The medium octagon is designed for ages 5-8 to practice front walkovers, handsprings, and to help improve overall coordination.

Intermediate Gymnast or Cheerleader

He’s already developed consistent tumbling skills and is in need of higher impact support, we suggest a 4x8 gymnastics tumbling mat, small crash pad, and a medium incline cheese wedge mat. Our tumbling mats provide a firm foam core for flips and jumps, with the 2” thick option suggested for providing the best impact protection. They’ll love the small crash pad for vault practice, bar routines, elevated balance beam training, high cheer jumps and more. It folds in half for easy portability and storage. The medium gymnastics incline mat is made of commercial grade cross-link foam encased in an 18 oz. vinyl cover for high durability for more difficult walkovers and handsprings.

Advanced Gymnast or Cheerleader

She’s moved up to her highest level yet, so you’ll want to make this holiday a special recognition for her accomplishments. Gift her the new 3x10 Jovian™ Air inflatable mat, a premium quality tumbling mat that will stand up to her advanced jumps and flips while providing high shock absorption. The 2” thick 5x10 Gymnastics Mat can be used underneath the air mat or it can be folded up and used as a fun launching pad to the medium crash pad. The 4” thick crash pad is made of a sponge-core padding that provides extra support for knees, wrists, elbows, and ankles. It can be folded in half for easy storage when not in use.

Fitness Fanatic

Home gyms are all the rage these days and you can contribute the perfect gifts to your friend or family member’s workout collection with the 4x10 folding exercise mat, diamond plate foam tiles, and a heavy duty equipment mat. The 4x10 mat is available in a variety of colors with a 2” foam thickness for cushioned support to protect knees, wrists, elbows, and the back while performing body weight exercises and stretches. It includes carrying handles and the durable vinyl cover can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Set up the mat on top of our popular rubber top interlocking foam tiles for an even softer workout space. They assemble easily over any smooth hard floor and can easily be put away if your giftee doesn’t have a dedicated workout room. A PVC equipment mat will provide a durable surface for ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes or weight benches.

Wrestling Star

With many school athletic programs on hold for now, or only allowing a practice or two per week at best, the wrestler on your list needs a place at home to keep working on skills. The new Vélotas™ 10x10 wrestling mat is the perfect size for a spare room, basement, or bonus room. Just like school-grade wrestling mats, it has a 24 oz. black vinyl surface with a printed gray 8’ circle and starting lines. The mat rolls up quickly for easy storage. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, but consider purchasing a gallon of Husky Mat Cleaner to better disinfect. Spider Chalk refillable balls allow for better grips while practicing, and they will make a perfect stocking stuffer!

College Student

Young adults will gradually go back to campus life to their dorms, suites, or small apartments after the holidays. Give your student an affordable, alternative solution to otherwise cold, hard basic flooring that is easy to install, clean and take with them when the semester ends. Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection interlocking foam tiles are comfortable and stylish for any flat, smooth surface; perfect for institutional flooring. Add a pack of double sided flooring tape for securing the tiles and provide a shoulder bag for easily transporting them from home to school and back.