National Back To School Month: Gearing Up for the Fall Athletics Season

National Back To School Month: Gearing Up for the Fall Athletics Season

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August is National Back to School Month, and what better way to gear up for the fall athletics season than with brand new athletic mats for your school’s most popular sports! To help you stock up on mats and safety padding, We Sell Mats™ is offering a back-to-school sale on our most popular school products. Shop today and welcome your students back in style, comfort, and safety with the help of We Sell Mats™.

Find the Best Mats for Every Fall Sport & Activity

Gymnastics, Cheerleading & Dance

With the We Sell Mats™ line of gymnastic mats, acrobatic and aerial mats, your school’s gymnastics team, cheerleading squad, and dance group will have the safe and supportive surfaces they need to practice their stunts, flips, and routines in confidence. Mix and match colors to emphasize school spirit, or choose one color for tumbling mats of various sizes for a uniform look. Don’t complete your order without snagging a few crash pads, landing mats, and inflatable mats ideal for trying out tricky routines or aerial stunts.

Track & Field

From track practice to state track meets at your location, safety is always a top priority for athletes. That’s why crash pads and pole/post padding are a must for pole vaulting and high jump athletes’ safety. If your indoor or outdoor practice track could use an update, our Thick Commercial Rubber Tiles are a long-lasting environmentally-friendly choice that can be set up quickly and painlessly.

Wrestling & Karate

If old, outdated wrestling mats are making the wrong statement, revamp your school’s dojo with a fresh lineup of wrestling mats and karate mats. From ½” thick martial arts mats ideal for several martial arts disciplines to roll-out 10’x10’ Home Wrestling Mats for quick setup and easy storage, We Sell Mats™ has your team covered.


Keep the home and away team safe this basketball season with new high impact 2’x6’ Indoor Fixed Wall Padding from We Sell Mats™. Designed in 15 colors with custom logo and graphic options available, these high-density, vinyl-covered wall padding products are just as safe and affordable as they are stylish. Match any wall padding to basketball safety pole and post padding for a completed look in your school’s gymnasium. While shopping, be sure to add some Heavy-Duty Vinyl Mat Cleaner to your cart to keep any vinyl mats throughout your school sanitized all year long.


It may not always be a great day to practice on the green, so when your golf team needs to hone in on their short game, indoor golf mats are the way to go. With our on-the-go golf simulator mats, your golf team members will have a textured surface to practice puts when the golf course is not an option. Since these interlocking floor tile golf mats set up and come apart in seconds, golf practice can happen anywhere there’s a hard, flat, non-carpeted surface available.

Offseason Training

One of the best ways to reduce the chance of injury on the court or out on the field is to condition the muscles before they’re needed, which is what makes off-season training for any sport so important. Any school can create an offseason training program space with the right equipment and commercial gym flooring, like We Sell Mats™ heavy-duty floor tiles. Our selection of Thick Commercial Rubber Tiles and PVC floor tiles are affordable, high-quality flooring options ideal for your school’s new training room every serious athlete will utilize year-round.

Physical Education

Aside from organized sports, you’ve also got to think about the students’ physical education needs. Luckily, We Sell Mats™ has made this simple by offering a variety of fitness mats for all of your gym activities, from yoga mats and rock climbing crash pads and even parkour and ninja warrior mats for a fun and adventurous gym activity students can test their strength with.

With everything you’ve got to take care of to prepare for back to school, let We Sell Mats™ take the stress out of finding the safe and affordable flooring, mats, and safety padding your student-athletes can count on. Shop today and start tackling your back-to-school supply list!

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