Best Golf Mats for Indoor Simulators

Stay on your A-game all year long with the best golf mat for indoor simulators from We Sell Mats™. Whether you’re looking for thick-carpet top mats or smooth multipurpose mats the whole family can use, We Sell Mats™ has what you need to keep your golf skills sharp on and off the course any time of year.

Carpet-Top Golf Simulator Mats

We Sell Mats™ interlocking carpet-top golf simulator mats make it easy to set up a practice green in any space. Whether you have the guys over for a game or want to practice on your own, our premium carpet-top golf simulator mats will help you perfect your short game as you prepare for a day on the course or the next tournament to roll around. Indoor golf simulator mats give you the freedom to practice your putting skills no matter what the weather is like outside. What’s more, We Sell Mats™ carpet-top  golf mat for simulators come in various thicknesses and colors to match your space and fit your needs no matter what they may be. Choose from classic black, red and blue colors or add a pop of color with orange, yellow, green, pink, tan or charcoal gray golf simulator mats for a truly unique indoor golf experience.

Smooth Multi-Purpose Golf Simulator Mats

Our smooth multi-purpose golf mats make it easy to practice your putting or short game while providing a space to do light workouts and bodyweight exercises. Smooth multi-purpose golf mats look great in the basement, garage, and even living room and come apart easily for convenient storage when not in use. Choose from over 13 colors, including hunter green, lime green, red, chocolate brown, yellow and more.

On-The-Go Golf Simulator Mats

The best golf mat for indoor simulators are the ones that you can take anywhere! With We Sell Mats™ interlocking golf mats, you can do just that. Simple disconnect from the interlocking sides, stack and go. For on-the-go golf mats made easy, try our trade show carrying bag! This bag makes it easy to transport up to 30 ⅜” thick mats at once.

All of We Sell Mats™ golf simulator mats are easy to clean! Simply vacuum carpet top golf mats and wipe smooth multi-purpose mats clean after each use for long lasting golf simulator mats. We Sell Mats™ has also made ordering the right amount of golf mats easy. Simply order based on the square footage of the space you’d like to use for your indoor golf simulation, or enter in your customer measurements for an easy answer of how many mats you should order.

  • 1/2" foam tiles all colors stacked

    1/2" Thick Multipurpose Mats - 16 Color Options

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  • 3/4" multipurpose EVA foam all colors stacked

    3/4" Thick Multipurpose Mats - 5 Color Options

    Your Price: $8.99 per tile or
    Was $11.33
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  • Carpet top foam all colors stacked

    3/8" Thick Carpet-Top Mats

    Your Price: $5.17 per tile or
    Was $7.35
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  • 1" thick multipurpose EVA foam all colors stacked

    1" Thick Multipurpose Mats

    Your Price: $15.83 per tile or
    Was $16.67