Gymnastics Crash Pads & Landing Mats

Stick the landing with confidence on a We Sell Mats™ crash pad. We designed our crash pads with sponge core foam padding and mesh sides so you can focus on your form knowing your knees, wrists, elbows and back are protected while tumbling, jumping, or performing fitness routines. Convenient side handles help you fold your crash mat in half for easy storage. Gymnastics crash mats come in 4”,  8” and 12” thickness for your preference. Get the full gymnastics experience when you pair your crash mat with our incline mats, gymnastic mats, and tumbling mats. With our equipment, you and your gymnast or cheerleader can improve your overall tumbling any time they want!

Multi-Sport Crash Pads

We Sell Mats™ large crash pads and landing mats are ideal for gymnastics vault drills, floor tumbling, bar routines and balance beam training. Gymnasts aren’t the only ones who can benefit from our crash pads! We have small, medium and large sizes to choose from, providing the perfect floor support for cheerleading, parkour, wrestling, martial arts, self defense training, and special needs children. The list goes on! Really, anyone can benefit from a crash pad, whether you’re looking for a soft landing mat for body weight movements like handstand push ups or lunges, a crash pad will give you the support you need. Thanks to the 18oz vinyl cover, not only will your pad not rip, but it’ll also be easy to clean, just wipe with soap and water. 

No matter what sport you’re practicing, you should be able to trust the support beneath you. Using a We Sell Mats™ crash pad meets CPSIA safety standards and will help prevent injury during training and competition..Multiple sizes and colors are available and can be used folded or unfolded, giving you two sizes and widths in one easy to move, easy to transport mat! Consider pairing a crash pad with the soft landing of a tumbling mat, available in multiple sizes and colors.

Home Gymnastics Crash Pad & Landing Mats

Not only are the We Sell Mats™ gymnastics crash pads easy to transport and come in sizes for every type of gymnast, but they’re also easy to clean! Simply wipe with soap warm water. Commercial grade construction using heavy duty 18oz vinyl cover means you’re getting a durable, long lasting product at an incredible value. Our gymnastics crash pads for home are the perfect solution to keeping your little ones busy, whether they’re gymnasts or toddlers! Help your young gymnast stick their landings and stay on their A game in the comfort of your own home on our crash pads. 

Consider pairing a crash pad with one of our many gymnastics mats today and get a leg up on the competition all while enjoying the comfort of your own home. For a gymnast, practice is never over. What better way to keep them busy on a bad weather day than to have their own personalized gym space in the house? Our extensive selection ranges from simple tumbling and gymnastics incline mats to small, medium, large and extra large wedge mats and crash pads. You will love mixing and matching to create a one of a kind gymnastics space that perfectly suits you and your families needs. You’ll also love how easy the pieces fit together and come apart for easy storage, but don’t take our word for it; order your own personalized sets today!