National Back to School Month: Add Foam Flooring to a College Dorm Room

National Back to School Month: Add Foam Flooring to a College Dorm Room

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It’s August, which means it’s also National Back to School Month. Aside from the necessary toiletries and school supplies, there is one more helpful supply any college-bound student will appreciate while cozying up in their dorm, and that’s foam flooring. Here are five benefits to adding foam flooring to your child’s college dorm room.

Five Benefits of Adding Foam Flooring to a College Dorm Room



      Enhanced Comfort

    2. When it comes to creating a cozy home away from home in your college dorm room, foam flooring can go a long way. Just think about it; Your son or daughter is headed off to college, where they will spend half, if not more of their time studying, sleeping, or relaxing in their dorm room. If they live in a dorm with hard, cold flooring such as tile, they’re not going to be very comfortable. However, with foam flooring, they will have a supportive, comfortable flooring option greeting them when their feet hit the floor in the morning and when they get into bed at night.

      Easily Personalize Their Dorm Room

    4. Aside from enhanced comfort, foam flooring can help create a custom dorm room style like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Just take
wood grain floor mats
      , for example. Your child could add comfortable and cool farmhouse-style flooring in minutes to their dorm room for a space that feels like home. The
Forest Floor® ⅜” Farmhouse Collection Printed Foam Mats
      even come in trendy light and dark browns, grays, and black for unlimited styling options, or they may prefer the look and feel of
carpet-top foam floor tiles
      available in several color options.


Worried about ordering the right amount? We can help! At We Sell Mats™, we make it easy to calculate exactly how many foam floor tiles you’ll need based on room size or square footage. Since each of our foam floor tiles comes with two detachable borders, there will be no issue creating a seamless, finished look to your child’s dorm room flooring.

Please note: Foam floor tiles should never be installed on an uneven or carpeted surface. Only install foam floor tiles on a hard, even, indoor surface.


      Simple Sanitization

    2. One of the most attractive features of foam flooring is how easy they are to clean. Now more than ever, maintaining clean and sanitary surfaces is critical, so why not send your child off to school with a floor they can sanitize themselves. Non-carpeted foam floor tiles can be sanitized using a gentle cleaning solution and some warm water.



      Easily Assembled & Disassembled

    2. With
interlocking floor tiles
      , you can send your child off to school in confidence, knowing they’ll have no problem assembling and disassembling their ultra-comfortable flooring alternative without any technical difficulties. They can either secure them to the floor using a
double-sided flooring tape
      (recommended) or assemble and disassemble as needed or wanted and easily store them away in a
foam tile carrying bag
      for safekeeping when they’re not needed or to easily transport back home at the end of the year.




  2. If you think foam floor tiles were just for a comfortable walking surface, think again. Foam floor tiles offer a perfect surface for group projects, crafting spaces, and bodyweight exercises, too! These flat and supportive mats provide the right amount of cushion for everything from yoga, stretching, and light fitness activities and can be moved around to give dorm guests a comfortable space to sit and mull over an upcoming project or work on a side hustle to help pay for college expenses. Can outdated tile dorm flooring say that?

Send Them To College in Style & Comfort with We Sell Mats™

Whether they’re gearing up for dorm life an hour away or across the country, you can send them in style and comfort with interlocking foam floor tiles from We Sell Mats™. With our mats, you can rest assured your child has the most comfortable and supportive flooring alternative out there to help make their dorm room feel as much like home as possible. Shop today to start planning their personalized dorm room look! 

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