Kids’ Art Studio Ideas That Are Easy To Clean

Kids’ Art Studio Ideas That Are Easy To Clean

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Whether at home or in the classroom, a kids’ art studio should always be two things: organized and easy to clean. Today, we’ll walk you through four must-have, easy to clean features perfect for any kids’ art studio.

Four Easy to Clean Accessories For Any Kids’ Art Studio

1. Plastic Organizers

Fabric cubes and totes are definitely cute, but they are no match for a tube of paint with a loose cap. Functionality is key when designing a kids’ art studio, and plastic organizers can go a long way.

Plastic organizers come in dozens of sizes, colors, and configurations, giving you unlimited organization and styling potential. Plus, if a tube of glitter, paint, or glue spills out and leaves you with a big mess, clean-up is just a wet wipe away.

Aside from post-art clean-up, routine sanitization is a breeze with easily sanitized surfaces like plastic or glass. That’s why we recommend also using glass jars for tabletop supplies like paintbrushes, pencils, and other general tabletop art supplies. Speaking of tables….

2. Durable Tables & Reusable Plastic Table Cloths

The last thing you want to do is buy a new art room table only to have it succumb to paint stains or damage. If you plan to reuse an old table you don’t necessarily care about but want to get as much use out of it as possible, be sure to stock up on plenty of newspaper to lay on top of the table for projects.

If you want to make post-art class clean-up even simpler without collecting old newspapers, reusable plastic picnic table cloths are a perfect option. Reusable tablecloths not only wipe away clean after each use but last a long time and are inexpensive. Plus, you can swap out your reusable tablecloths throughout the year for extra holiday magic while Crafting Holiday Gifts for Everyone On Your List.

3. Mobile Art Cart

Looking for an extra helpful organization that can also keep your art room a little less prone to spills and messes? Then you need a mobile art cart. Mobile art carts can easily maneuver around a room, following your small Picasso wherever they go (or wherever art class is that day) with all of the necessary supplies needed to create their next masterpiece.

4. Resilient Temporary Flooring

No matter if you’re creating an art studio in your home, or dreaming up an inspiring space for your students, one thing is for certain: you’ll want to avoid messes and stains on your floor.

That’s why number four on our list of must-have, easy to clean art room essentials is resilient temporary flooring, like interlocking foam mats from We Sell Mats™.

Foam floor tiles are not only one of the most comfortable temporary flooring surfaces you can add to an art studio, but they are lightweight, moveable, and assemble and disassemble quickly. Of course, they are also extremely easy to clean.

Unlike carpet, which will give you one heck of a time when trying to clean up glitter, small pieces of paper, sticky glue, or paint, interlocking foam floor tiles can be wiped, swept, or vacuumed clean and sanitized whenever necessary. You will love the dozens of color options for one specific look or a multi-color space, or that you can easily match your existing hardwoods with a wood grain floor tile available in several wood-look styles.

Create an Art Room That Inspires with We Sell Mats™

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