Hone the Skills of the Ninja in Your Life

Hone the Skills of the Ninja in Your Life

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For more than a decade, the sport of completing “ninja” style obstacle courses has taken the country, and its television sets by storm. Originating far earlier in Japan during the late 1990s, the ninja courses we know today have always been acclaimed for their seemingly impossible difficulty and captivating watchability.

To conquer such courses, it takes extreme physical conditioning, with often months or even years of bespoke preparation. While a warehouse packed with a full-sized replica that pro-ninjas practice on may be a bit much, the next generation of ninjas can learn a lot about the sport in the comfort and safety of home.

Challenges Fit for a Warrior

Before your little ninja is flying up single-rung ladders, griping ledges with their finger tips, or scaling inverted walls, laying the groundwork for the necessary strength and endurance is a great way to let them feel out the sport. Floor padding, soft ledges, and plenty of creativity should offer enough foundation to progress with confidence. Vinyl wrapped shapes like you would use for gymnastics training can be configured into limitless combinations of heights, angles, and difficulty, keeping things interesting on their path to the big stage.

Assembling the Ultimate Course

If you know a ninja that’s ready to start their journey, We Sell Mats is ready to inspire their first challenge. Crash pads, beams, inclines, and octagons are perfect for the broad construction of your course, offering several ledge, and angled-wall options with varied levels of feedback and balance. To safeguard the inevitable fall, padding the floor with any style of our EVA foam tiles allows them to try new obstacles with confidence.

While there may be literal obstacles sometimes, learning the right way will prepare your little ninja to overcome whatever is in their way, be it on the course, or further down the road.

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