Functional Workout Spaces with Gymnastics Equipment

Functional Workout Spaces with Gymnastics Equipment

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If you want to create a fun and functional exercise space everyone in your family can utilize, gymnastics equipment like crash pads, tumbling mats, and incline mats are all multi-purpose equipment options you may not have previously considered.

In fact, the most essential gymnastics equipment gymnasts rely on to improve their skills can be used for a variety of other workouts and activities in the comfort of your own home, or for versatile fitness spaces like school or recreational gymnasiums.

Today, we’ll share the framework for creating a multi-functional workout space using a mixture of fitness and gymnastics equipment mats for total body fitness the entire family can take part in.

Tips For Creating a Functional Workout Space With Multi-Purpose Fitness & Gymnastics Equipment

Install A Forgiving Base Floor

Before we dive into the specific gymnastics equipment mats ideal for your functional fitness space, we want to first talk about the one important key to any good workout space: supportive flooring. Recently, Healthline named the We Sell Mats™ interlocking foam floor mats as the perfect home gym or playroom mat ideal for a multitude of movements and purposes related and unrelated to fitness.

Designed with a high-density EVA foam, these floor mats provide the perfect cushion and protection between your body and the hard ground for a number of bodyweight movements and routines. For dedicated workout spaces, we recommend securing your interlocking foam floor tiles to the floor with our double-sided flooring tape to prevent possible tile movement during intense workouts. This tape will not leave behind a sticky residue when removed.

Add In Specific Gymnastics Equipment Mats

Now that you have supportive flooring installed, it’s time to think about which gymnastics equipment mats will best serve your needs. For instance, folding exercise mats are the perfect thickness for a long list of activities, including bodyweight exercises like squats, burpees, and planks, stretching and yoga, tumbling routines, handstand walks, or as kids playmats when you’re not using them to improve your health or sharpen athletic skills.

Gymnastics cheese wedge (incline) mats make an excellent addition to small gym spaces or home workout spaces. For instance, you could use a gymnastics incline mat for bench dips, elevated lunges, and physical therapy exercises.

Crash Pads are another ultra-supportive option for intense physical training sessions where you are likely to experience takedowns or falls. Whether you have a dedicated martial arts student in your home, or you wish to work on more advanced movements but fear the consequences of landing on the hard ground, consider adding a crash pad to your workout space.

The We Sell Mats™ collection of gymnastics mats are all designed with a durable vinyl top for both comfort and easy cleaning. All gymnastics mats are designed with a foldable design and carrying handles (with the exception of our folding mats) for easy storage for multi-purpose spaces.

Complete Your Space With Strength Training Equipment

Your functional workout space doesn’t need to be big, but it does need to be filled with the right equipment to give you a well-rounded fitness routine, like muscle-strengthening equipment. Here’s why:

Strength training just once a week has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illness, stroke, and heart attack, yet only 30% of adults actually incorporate muscle-strengthening activities into their routine.

Aside from your supportive gymnastics equipment mats and foam floor tiles, we recommend adding in the strength training equipment you can utilize regularly, and that fits the flow of your space. Some excellent options include kettlebells and dumbbells, resistance bands, or if your space permits, a barbell, and bumper plates. If you’d like to incorporate more supportive flooring for your strength training equipment, we highly recommend our VELOTAS® Rubber-Topped Foam Fitness Mats.

Start Building Your Functional Workout Space Today With We Sell Mats™!

At We Sell Mats™, we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals with the safe and durable fitness mats you can count on to support your every move. For more information on the many ways to use our mats or to find inspiration for creating your own motivating fitness space, be sure to visit the We Sell Mats™ blog and Pinterest page.

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