Foam Tiles Make Great Boat Flooring Options

Foam Tiles Make Great Boat Flooring Options

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Whether you’re restoring an older boat or simply want to make your new boat a bit more “you,” EVA foam boat flooring mats are a fast, easy, and affordable way to get the job, and all with style and functionality in tow!

Today, we’ll discuss the many benefits that make EVA foam floor tiles one of the most popular pontoon boat flooring options today and why we prefer it over rubber boat flooring. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Foam Boat Flooring


Used for everything from fitness mats to sensory room floor mats, EVA foam is one of the most comfortable speed boat and pontoon boat flooring options you can install. Our 3/8” anti-fatigue multipurpose foam mats provide incredible cushion support on flat surfaces and even come in ½” and ¾” thicknesses for added comfort and support.


Foam boat flooring runs anywhere from $1-$2/sq.ft, making it one of the most affordable pontoon boat flooring options out there. Adding to the cost-effectiveness of foam boat flooring is the ability to install yourself; simply cut to the dimensions you need and secure using double-sided flooring tape! The size and design of our interlocking foam tiles make it even easier to install pontoon boat flooring tiles quickly and easily, making the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

Durable & Easy to Clean

Because EVA foam is a closed-cell foam, it has water-resistant attributes that make it an easy-to-clean option often used in marine, healthcare, footwear, electronic, and automotive industry settings. Not to mention, its lightweight yet sturdy nature makes it a perfect pontoon boat flooring option.

Aesthetically Pleasing Style Options

Last but certainly not least, foam boat flooring earns extra popularity points for its incredible variety of style and customizable options. Take, for instance, the Forest Floor® interlocking wood grain floor mats, a collection of gorgeous printed foam boating mats to bring your pontoon boat flooring to the next level. These foam boat flooring tiles create a realistic appearance of wood grain and are available in several colors, from carbon black and cherry to slate and white oak. The Forest Floor® farmhouse collection also features attractive faux wood patterns for a vintage boat flooring look you’ll love.

If traditional carpet top floor tiles are what you’re after, you can bet we have the best selection for you to choose from! At less than $1.50/sq.ft., our interlocking carpet top floor tiles give you the affordable, comfortable, customizable, and durable foam boat flooring options you want with the anti-fatigue and water-resistant properties you need for a long-lasting boat floor. Choose from several carpet top foam boat flooring colors like classic blacks, browns, grays, to greens, orange, cream, and more! Or, skip the carpet top and go straight for the EVA foam floor tiles in even more customized color selections!

Why We Prefer Foam Over Rubber Boat Flooring

When it comes to choosing the best boat or pontoon boat flooring option, we’ve got a few bones to pick with rubber boat flooring. Unlike EVA foam boat flooring, rubber flooring does not come in a large variety of colors, patterns or thicknesses. As far as comfortability goes, rubber tends to be much harder than foam. What’s more, rubber boat flooring gets very hot very quickly, which can negatively impact your fun in the sun.

Now onto price. Rubber flooring tends to be more expensive than foam boat flooring options, typically costing over $2/sq.ft. What’s more, installing rubber boat flooring is not as easy as installing foam boat flooring, which means you’ll likely need to call in a professional installer, adding to your overall cost.

When it comes to long-lasting boat and pontoon boat flooring options, We Sell Mats™ makes it easy to find the styles you want at prices you’ll love. Shop our incredible selection today and revamp your boat this summer with quality foam boat flooring you’ll love to show off! 

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