Essential Law Enforcement Training Mats

Essential Law Enforcement Training Mats

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Aside from extensive classroom and practical instruction, law enforcement training programs dive deep into physical training required to safely and effectively handle various physical situations experienced on the job. For this reason, law enforcement training facilities are often equipped with multifunctional law enforcement training mats to help recruits learn tactical movements in a safe and controlled setting.

Whether you wish to create your own law enforcement training space or replace your existing training facility mats with high-quality ones, We Sell Mats™ has the essential law enforcement training mats you can count on to help train your current and future recruits in the safest and most effective way.

Four Essential Law Enforcement Training Mats

Crash Pads & Landing Mats

When learning defensive and tactical movements, it’s important to provide recruits with a soft landing space. Crash pads and landing mats are the ideal law enforcement training mats for repetitive landings from falls or throws. These sponge core foam mats are often used in wrestling, MMA, and football training programs to break falls while running drills or learning complex movements.

At We Sell Mats™, you will find a variety of crash pad sizes in 4, 8, and 12-inch thicknesses, multiple lengths, and all with an easy to clean 18-ounce vinyl top. Convenient side handles make all of our crash pad mat options easy to carry, and all options fold in half for easy storage options as well.

Folding Mats

Another multifunctional law enforcement training mat essential to safe and successful recruit training is folding exercise mats. Folding exercise mats are ideal for bodyweight movements, tactical and defensive training, striking, and stretching.

Our folding mats are designed with full-perimeter hook and loop fasteners for quick and secure attachment of multiple mats and feature a heavy-duty 18-ounce vinyl covering for long-lasting durability and cleanliness. You will appreciate how the design makes these mats easy to fold, carry and stow away for any large scale or smaller, multi-functional law enforcement training facility.

Wall Padding

Learning tactical and self-defense movements can certainly come with a learning curve, which is why no law enforcement training center is complete without protective wall padding. Our customizable wall padding is designed with a supportive 2-inch polyethylene foam filler and covered by a durable 18.5-ounce vinyl covering to lessen the impact of collisions and reduce the chance of injury. Wall padding options include several colors and the addition of your law enforcement training facility logo or graphics.

Weight Room Flooring

Physical fitness is a crucial part of law enforcement training, both for new recruits and existing law enforcement training personnel. That’s why a dedicated strength training facility is crucial to any well-rounded law enforcement training program.

We Sell Mats™ commercial gym flooring options provide durable, easy-to-install law enforcement weight room flooring options perfect for training spaces of any size. Among the most popular law enforcement training mats for weight rooms include the VELOTAS® ⅜” Thick Commercial Rubber Tiles, Coin Top PVC Floor Tiles, and Smooth Top PVC Floor Tiles.

Law Enforcement Training Mat Cleaning Supplies

With the amount of action your law enforcement training mats see, you’ll need to do your part to make sure they are as clean as possible. That’s why for any of our vinyl training mats, we highly recommend the Husky Vinyl Mat Cleaner. This one-step disinfectant is effective against many common viruses, fungi, and bacteria and will inhibit the growth of mildew, mold, and odors. Regular cleaning will ensure your mats stay in peak sanitary condition for the many recruits your law enforcement training facility will host.

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