Wall Padding

For the high quality indoor wall padding for gyms and garages, look no further than We Sell Mats™ wall padding! With over 15 colors to choose from, these 2’x6’ indoor fixed wall padding panels are ideal for gymnastics studios, martial arts dojos, basketball courts and more! Whether you’re creating a home gym of your dreams or just want to keep the kids safe, We Sell Mats™ high density wall padding panels are the thing you need to get the job done.

Gym Wall Padding

We Sell Mats™ high impact rated gym wall padding features 2” of polyethylene foam filler, covered by a 18.5oz vinyl covering that’s easy to clean and easy to install. Whether you’re looking for removable wall padding or a more permanent attachment, this gym wall padding is up for the job. For a removable application, simply order the Z-Clip mountings for an easy on/off option. Our gym wall padding is available in the same colors as our high density pole padding, so you’ll have no problem matching your school or team colors or adding a pop of color to your gymnasium.

Garage Wall Padding

Worried about hitting your garage walls or want to create a safe space to play or exercise? We Sell Mats™ garage wall padding just might be the solution you’ve been looking for! Our garage wall padding is easy to put up and take down, or attach permanently depending on your preference. These 2’x6’garage wall padding panels are the perfect size to cover a small area, or buy multiple to cover a large one! 

Customizable Wall Padding

Want our garage and gym wall padding, but you’re worried about the light switches, outlets and doors that are in the way? No problem! We Sell Mats™ offers custom options to match your exact space, no matter how many light switches, outlets or doors are in the way. Using our computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, we’ll create a wall padding design specific to your space. Need custom logos? We can handle that, too! Whether you want a school mascot or logo printed across the front of your padding, We Sell Mats™ has you covered!

Vinyl wall padding panels are easy to clean, too. Using our Husky vinyl disinfectant, anyone can easily clean and sanitize their permanent or removable wall padding. Simply dilute 2oz of our concentrated cleaner in one gallon of water and apply using a cloth to the vinyl surface. Let this solution sit for ten minutes and then wipe clean! Regular light cleaning with this solution will inhibit the growth of mold, mildew odors, as well as fight against bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs.