Dance into a Healthier You

Dance into a Healthier You

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Probably the best exercise is the kind you don’t even realize you’re doing. Activities like competitive sports and long lists of chores sneak in a surprisingly comprehensive workout, but when it comes to fun and accessibility, there's nothing quite like dancing as if no one is watching. From dazzling Broadway numbers to acrobatic breakdancing, the art of dance can be a seriously potent workout, so why not throw on your boogie shoes and have a little more fun during your workout in your own personal dance studio?!

Two-Step Into a Stunning Studio

Nearly by definition, you won’t be doing much dancing standing still in place, especially if you’re looking to break a sweat. To get the most out of your moves, give yourself plenty of room to groove with the largest dance floor you have, away from furniture and fragile objects. If the perfect dance space just so happens to be on the hardest floor in your home, a soft forgiving surface allows for longer, more regular sessions, along with the confidence to get down low. When it comes to comfy home dance floors, be it for exercise or self-expression, it doesn’t get much better than EVA foam.

Mat-urday Night Fever

Ready to get the blood pumping and speakers thumping? Then We Sell Mats has everything you need to lay down a dance floor that feels as good as it looks. No matter your style of dance or the size of your space, there’s a set of interlocking EVA foam tiles for it. From your favorite color of multipurpose tiles, to extra thick martial arts tiles, to Forest Floor wood-printed tiles that match your home, the perfect place to pop, lock, and drop it is well within reach.

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