Child-Proof Fun Indoor Kid’s Play Places

Child-Proof Fun Indoor Kid’s Play Places

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Parents, teachers, and daycare providers have plenty of things to worry about in a day. Whether or not their kid’s play places are safe shouldn’t be one of them.

As your trusted source for high-quality play surfaces, we’re here to help you piece together the child-proof kid’s play place you can feel confident allowing your child to play, move, and imagine in.

Let’s dive in (metaphorically, of course).

5 Key Features of a Child-Proof Kid’s Play Place

1. Supportive Foam Flooring

Regardless of age, all kids' play places should have a supportive, comfortable floor. Not only will basic flooring like foam floor tiles help prevent injury in the event of a tumble (especially for new walkers), they are more comfortable for adventuring kids, whether they’re still crawling or bouncing around from their chair to the floor throughout the day. They are also one of the best Flooring Choices for Physical Therapy and Sensory Rooms.

We Sell Mats™ interlocking foam floor tiles set up quickly and easily and are super simple to clean and sanitize, making them a perfect option for any kid’s play place. You can also supplement with folding exercise mats or crash pads for added support, perfect for those random bursts of energy.

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2. Baby Gates or Play Pens

Whether you have a new crawler or walker, or your kid’s play place is located near stairs or rooms you don’t want them exploring, baby gates are an absolute must. Playpens are also ideal for very young children who have not yet learned how to get around the house yet need a bit of room to adventure without getting into anything they shouldn’t.

3. Forgiving Activity Mats

It’s no secret toddlers like to be on the go. With forgiving activity mats like the We Sell Mats™ skill shapes and training mats, your young explorer can climb, roll, and balance without fear of sharp corners or nasty spills. Browse the collection of Preschool Incline Mats, Small Tumbling Octagons, and Foam Balance Beams to find the right combination for your space.

4. Age Appropriate Toys

Next on the list of must-haves for safe kids’ play places is age-appropriate toys. One common misconception of kid’s toys is that the age levels are merely suggestions determined based on intelligence or maturity factors. However, toy age levels are actually determined by safety factors.

Even if a child seems to be advancing quickly, it does not necessarily mean they are ready to handle toys for older age groups, as they can still pose an injury or choking hazard. For optimal safety in your kid’s play place, only include age-appropriate toys paired with adult supervision.

5. Removal of Potentially Dangerous Objects

While it might go without saying, we’re going to say it anyway—keep potentially dangerous objects out of children’s reach!

Even if they may be good listeners and you’ve “set the rules,” adventurous minds often lead to adventurous actions. This includes everything from climbing on (or jumping off of) surfaces or using seemingly sturdy objects to hoist themselves up. Objects like freestanding mirrors, cabinets, TV stands, and dressers are all prone to tip over, and without properly securing them to the wall, they can pose a very real danger to your child. In fact, more than half a million children have been injured by furniture tip-overs.

While our best recommendation would be to remove any furniture that could pose a tip-over threat, we know that isn’t always possible. In this case, we strongly urge you to anchor your furniture to the walls to eliminate the tip-over risk and supplement if necessary with baby gates blocking off risky territories around your home, daycare, or classroom.

Create A Fun & Safe Kid’s Play Place With Help From We Sell Mats™

At We Sell Mats™, we take pride in offering high-quality mats perfect for your kid’s play place, no matter where it’s located. We also make it easy to find the mats for home and office you can count on to provide comfort and support for all of life’s activities. Shop We Sell Mats™ large selection of sensory play mats, fitness mats, and floor tiles today to find the perfect fit for any space.

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