5 Essentials for Quick Holiday Workouts At Home

5 Essentials for Quick Holiday Workouts At Home

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means a lineup of mouthwatering dishes, desserts, drinks, and plenty of sweet treats in between. If your holiday plans include kick-starting your new year’s weight loss goals or keeping off extra pounds from holiday festivities, We Sell Mats™ has your list of essential workout equipment for quick holiday workouts at home in between all the fun.

5 Fitness Essentials for Quick Holiday Workouts At Home

There are countless fitness equipment options available today that can get your heart rate going, and while there are no “right” or “wrong” fitness tools, there are several that are more useful than others and can be used in various ways. They include:

1. Comfortable Flooring

Undoubtedly, comfortable, supportive fitness mat flooring will be a lifesaver for any bodyweight (or exercise machine) routines you plan to do. Whether your holiday workouts at home are solely bodyweight exercises or a combination of high-intensity interval training with weights thrown in the mix, flooring options like foam floor tiles, personal exercise mats, and larger folding exercise mats provide the padded comfort you need to reduce strain on the joints.

We even carry wood grain floor tiles for a seamless transition from your original hardwood flooring to your dedicated workout space without compromising style and PVC equipment mats to protect your floors while you power through an exercise bike or rowing machine workout.

2. Yoga Mat

What would holiday workouts at home be without a bit (or a lot) of stretching and yoga? A yoga mat is a quick and easy setup option you can take with you during your holiday travel to get in a quick workout or keep at home to tackle a 10-minute cardio session without needing to down dog onto the cold, hardwood floor.

3. Jump Rope

Depending on your fitness background, you might be surprised to learn that jump ropes are a trusted exercise tool of the fittest people on earth.

Not only is jumping rope an incredible way to build stamina, improve lung capacity, tighten your core, and tone your calves, it’s also pretty fun and (if ceiling height permits) makes a great addition to any at-home workout space. Use your jump rope as a warm-up tool, or go rogue with your own workout routine that incorporates jumping rope, bodyweight movements, and some light weight training. You might be out of breath, but you won’t be disappointed.

4. Muscle Strengthening Equipment

There’s no doubt cardio is important, but it’s not the only essential training method for a powerful fitness routine. Data shows that only about 30% of adults incorporate muscle-strengthening activities into their training routine. Engaging in strength training even just once each week has been shown to reduce the risk for chronic illnesses like obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack. Supplementing your holiday workouts at home with strength-training exercises isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessary one!

For this reason, we recommend adding some strength training equipment to your home gym setup. Our favorite at-home strength training equipment options include dumbbells or a kettlebell of a challenging weight (without overexertion) and resistance bands. All three options can be used in various ways for a total body workout and are basic tools that can be incorporated into many at-home training programs. Speaking of which...

5. Training Program

Whether you’re looking to tackle holiday workouts at home or shape up long after the holidays have passed, piecing together a comprehensive workout program on your own isn’t as easy as it may seem.

To make your holiday workouts at home more effective (and ultimately lead to better results), we highly recommend finding a virtual training program to follow. There are countless options in every price range, intensity, and time frame to choose from, so get to browsing for your next 30, 60, or 90-day program you can count on to guide you through the holidays without packing on the pounds from all of that delicious food.

Tackle Holiday Workouts At Home With a Little Support From We Sell Mats™

No matter what your holiday workouts at home consist of, you can train in style and confidence with the high-quality, supportive fitness mats and flooring options from We Sell Mats™.

Browse and shop the Holiday Gift Guide today to find your new favorite flooring styles to build the dedicated home workout space for every athlete under your roof. Then, visit the We Sell Mats™ blog for more pro tips on designing a home that supports movement and play. 

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