Your Foam Flooring Tile Questions Answered

Your Foam Flooring Tile Questions Answered

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As one of the largest online retailers of foam flooring tiles, we get a lot of questions from our customers and partners about the best ways to install, maintain, and utilize our foam flooring tiles. Whether it's Forest Floor for your home or office, or fitness-ready gym foam flooring, here are answers to some common questions about our foam flooring systems.


How do you install foam floor tiles?

Installing foam floor tiles is a simple process that can be done without any special tools or equipment. First, it's always best to begin with a clean surface. Take a few minutes to clean where the tiles will be placed and make sure it is free of any debris. Then, plan the layout of the tiles before starting the installation. Start in one corner of the room and lay the first tile, making sure the interlocking edges are facing the right direction. Continue laying tiles until the entire floor is covered, cutting tiles as needed to fit around obstacles.

 Instilation of foam flooring tiles

How do you secure foam floor tiles?

Foam floor tiles are designed to interlock with each other, which provides a secure fit without the need for adhesives or other fasteners. However, if you are installing the tiles in a high-traffic area or in a location where they may be moved frequently, you can use double-sided tape to provide additional stability.

 room with foam flooring tiles

Can I mop foam floor tiles?

Yes, foam floor tiles can be cleaned with a damp mop or sponge. However, it's important to avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive scrubbers, as these can damage the surface of the tiles. Additionally, be sure to dry the tiles thoroughly after cleaning to prevent water damage.


Do foam floor tiles absorb water?

Foam floor tiles are water-resistant, but they are not completely waterproof. This means that they can be used in areas where they may be exposed to moisture, such as in a basement or garage, but they should not be used in areas that are constantly wet, such as a shower or pool area.


How long do foam floor tiles last?

The lifespan of foam floor tiles depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the tiles, the amount of traffic they receive, and how well they are maintained. High-quality foam floor tiles from We Sell Mats can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.


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