Workout Like a World Leader this President’s Day

Workout Like a World Leader this President’s Day

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President's Day, celebrated annually on the third Monday of February, honors the contributions and legacies of the nation's presidents. Originally established to commemorate George Washington's birthday on February 22nd, the holiday was later moved to the third Monday to create a three-day weekend. President's Day provides an occasion for Americans to appreciate the leadership and governance that has shaped the nation throughout its history. It’s also a great time for a sale! With our Foam Fitness Mats on sale for the holiday, you can workout like a world leader! 

Multipurpose Foam Tiles

We Sell Mats is proud to offer top-quality foam fitness mats available in ⅜” thick or ½” thick. Our Multipurpose Foam Tiles are made of soft, durable, water-resistant foam that offers relief and support for your feet and back. Perfect for the home gym, they support body weight exercises, yoga, stretching and more. Easy to install with an interlocking design. You can lay out any pattern you want with a variety of color ways. Try red, white and blue for an all-American theme!

Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection

Elevate your home gym with the Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection from We Sell Mats. Designed to mimic the look of a vintage farmhouse wood floor, these wood print foam mats offer the extra padding and support your workouts need without looking out of place in your home. Choose from seven colors: Barnwood Brown, Buttered Walnut Light Brown, Raven’s Wing Black, Roasted Chestnut Dark Brown, Weathered Fence Gray, Porch Post White and Country Side Flag Stone. They’re easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Elevate your home workouts with a touch of elegance.

You can’t go wrong with either the Multipurpose Foam Tiles or the Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection. Each product offers support and relief for your back and feet when you workout. They’re easy to set up with an interlocking design and they’re low maintenance. This President’s Day, enjoy 10% savings on all of our foam floor tiles and workout like a world leader! 

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