Trendy Pop Up Tent Flooring Options for Your Next Event

Trendy Pop Up Tent Flooring Options for Your Next Event

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If you’re one of the 88% of companies and organizations participating in trade shows to increase brand awareness, having a quality display or pop-up tent is essential. Whether you’re a small business that is setting up at a local farmer’s market or a vendor promoting your products at a large convention, investing in quality pop-up tent flooring can make your display stand out from the crowd while keeping you and your visitors comfortable all day long. Read on to discover the best trade show booth flooring options for your next event.

Trendy Trade Show Booth Flooring Options

We Sell Mats™ knows that trade shows and expositions can take a toll on those selling products or showcasing services. For that reason, we offer pop-up tent and booth flooring tiles that fight the tired legs and sore feet that come along with standing for hours. All of our flooring options are anti-fatigue, keeping both the booth operator and visitors comfortable throughout the day. With many styles and colors to choose from, you can find an anti-fatigue flooring option that matches your brand.

Modern & Farmhouse Style Trade Show Flooring

While comfort is essential, so are aesthetics when branding your pop-up tent station. And with several types of trade show booth flooring for every situation, yours is sure to dazzle. For those looking for a more modern look, We Sell Mats™ offers Forest Floor® wood grain floor tiles, available in seven colors, including carbon, cherry, light bamboo, mahogany, slate, walnut, and white oak. With this many options, you are sure to find the perfect flooring to match your booth.

Shabby-chic and farmhouse have become very popular decorating styles. Because of this, we designed our Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection. These faux hardwood trade show floor tiles offer the look of hardwood with a durable yet soft feel and are available in barnwood brown, buttered walnut, light brown, classic oak, porch post white, raven’s wing black, roasted chestnut dark brown, and weathered fence gray.

If you’re looking for pop-up tent flooring with an industrial look and better traction control for product demonstrations, try our VELOTAS® diamond pattern foam trade show flooring mats. This 3/4-inch thick flooring is our thickest diamond plate option, offering an even more comfortable and durable surface for weekend-long events.

Classic & Carpet Top Trade Show Flooring

Modern hardwood and vintage farmhouse styles aren't suitable for every occasion. If you’re looking for a classic flooring option, our carpet flooring tiles may do the trick. These tiles are a multi-purpose flooring option with durable carpet and a shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue bottom foam layer. Plus, they are portable, lightweight, and interlocking, making them easy to transport and install, saving you time when setting up your booth or pop-up tent at your next event. Our carpet-top and multi-purpose trade show display flooring tiles are available in over 15 colors, so you can always find the perfect look to accentuate your product, service, or brand.

Heavy Duty Trade Show Flooring

Whether advertising a heavy product or just wanting a more durable flooring solution, We Sell Mats™ offers rubber-topped foam trade show floor tiles. These tiles are tough enough to get the job done and comfortable enough to stand on all day long. Our heavy-duty trade show floor tiles are available in several colors and are plenty thick to protect the floor underneath and support your joints, legs, and knees during your pop-up tent event.

Trade Show Flooring Accessories

We Sell Mats™ has all the accessories you need to easily install your trade show or pop-up tent flooring. For example, our Pirate Anchor™ double sided tape is designed to secure your We Sell Mats™ flooring to any clean, hard surface. The double sided tape is approximately 82 feet long and will not leave a residue when removed.

Pop-Up Tent Temporary Flooring Solutions Made Simple

We Sell Mats™ offers high-quality, durable, temporary flooring for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, rubber flooring for a pop-up tent event or an elegant yet cost-effective hardwood flooring solution for the wedding of your dreams, We Sell Mats™ has your surface covered. All of our flooring tiles assemble in just minutes, transforming any hard surface into the perfect display for your event. 

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