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Forest Floor 5/8" all colors stacked
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5/8" Forest Floor® Printed Foam Mats - 7 Color Options

  • You can mix/match colors
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Product Description

Forest Floor® ⅝” Wood Print Padded Floor Tiles 

If achieving an attractive and cost-effective flooring solution designed to offer a more comfortable work, play or fitness surface is your mission, then the Forest Floor® ⅝” thick wood grain padded floor tiles are for you! Designed to mimic the look of a vintage farmhouse wood floor, these wood print padded floor tiles deliver the cushioned support you’ll love without looking out of place in your home or office.

Thicker Forest Floor for an Elegant Wood Floor Look With Superior Cushioning

Whether you're looking for a cost-effective general padding solution in your home or office, or you're setting up a space designed for trade show booths, childrens' play areas, or fitness, Forest Floor’s padded floor tiles are a perfect match. 

As a thicker version of the best-selling printed wood grain padded floor tiles, the ⅝” (15mm) Forest Floor padded floor tiles are 66% thicker than the entry-level 3/8-inch padded floor tiles, making them more suitable for higher-traffic areas and personal fitness activities. Use these thicker padded floor tiles to create a sophisticated home gym space ideal for yoga, Pilates, and bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, burpees, planks, squats, and lunges.

Where to Install Forest Floor® Padded Floor Tiles

Designed for assembly on a hard, flat, non-carpeted surface, the Forest Floor mats will provide a durable and comfortable padded floor that reduces impact and joint strain. The handsome wood grain patterns of the foam tiles will enhance the appearance of any space. Interlocking EVA foam tiles should not be installed over carpet, and you may wish to use double-sided flooring tape for any semi-permanent installation.

Please note that the wood grain pattern is a printed surface, and as such is subject to fading over time. Extended exposure to direct sunlight may cause the printed surface to fade more rapidly. Forest Floor EVA foam tiles are lead-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free, making them the non-toxic floor padding solution you'll enjoy from the moment you open the box.

Padded Floor Tile Limitations

EVA foam is a soft product and will indent under furniture or heavy objects. It is subject to puncture and can be damaged by pets. Although many customers use EVA foam tiles in their garages for various purposes, please note that they cannot be driven on or parked on.

Easy Ordering & Seamless Installation

We’ve made the ordering and installation process a breeze by allowing you to oder the number of tiles you need based on room size or by entering in your own custom size with our “help me calculate” tool. Each Forest Floor® padded floor tile measures 24" x 24" (4 square feet per tile) and comes with two detachable border pieces, allowing you to finish most regular installation shapes with a straight edge. EVA foam is easily trimmed with a sharp knife or scissors, so you can measure your space and cut tiles to fit for a snug wall-to-wall installation.

Shop Forest Floor ® ⅝” padded floor tiles today and enjoy the stylish and affordable flooring options designed to make your life a little more comfortable!

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  • Also available in 3/8-inch thickness
  • Read here before purchasing tiles
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