Taking the Bored out of Board Games

Taking the Bored out of Board Games

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For millions of kids, school is finally over and it’s time to kick back, but a summer stuck inside in the name of public health probably isn’t what they had in mind. The era of social distancing and self-quarantine has eclipsed 4 months and despite a handful of parks, beaches, and businesses attempting to reopen, it’s becoming apparent for kids that this summer just won’t be the same. But challenging times call for creative measures, and if it means keeping kids off the couch for the foreseeable future, then getting creative sure sounds good to us.

Think Outside the Box

Suggesting to your children that they break out a board game is likely to be met with an apprehensive response, but that’s only because they’ve never been in the game. By making the playing area of your favorite board game into a much larger “kid-sized” version, it adds a whole new layer of physicality and adventure to the experience, resulting in a welcomed change of pace.

As for constructing the “board”, it doesn’t get much better than foam floor tiles, they are lightweight and expansible enough to any game you can think of across any area of your home. If you want to take the experience to the next level, adorning the play area with on-theme decorations, props, and even giant cards can keep the game exciting all summer long.

Getting in the Game

Whether you recreate a classic or make up your own, We Sell Mats makes kid-sized board game building fun. Our multipurpose interlocking EVA foam tiles are perfect for crafting the ultimate giant board game experience. The countless shapes, colors, and textures will help you set the scene, while their durable and easy-to-clean material allows for continued enjoyment for years to come.

We Sell Mats values you and your family’s efforts to stay safe and healthy during this time. Get inspired for more fun ways to use mats in your home.

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