Summer Camp Arts & Crafts Ideas

Summer Camp Arts & Crafts Ideas

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Summer camp is a time for soaking in the sunshine, lots of laughter, making memories, and of course, plenty of crafts. To help you pull off a super fun summer camp experience, we’ve put together a list of tried and true summer camp arts and crafts ideas for you to add to the list of fun, many of which can be enjoyed on ultra-comfortable and versatile interlocking foam floor tiles.

Let’s dive into five awesome summer camp crafts you can add to the roster for a guaranteed great time.

Five Summer Camp Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids of All Ages

    1. Popsicle Stick Crafts

    2. Whether it's a rainy day inside or a sunny day spent under the shade, popsicle stick crafts are one of the best summer camp crafts kids of all ages can enjoy. Not only will they be using their imagination to create new and colorful animals, houses, or decorations, but they’ll also improve their hand-eye coordination and concentration while they’re at it. Take this summer camp craft a step further with glitter glue, colored markers, or washable paint!
    3. House of Cards

    4. Another entertaining idea is to build a house of cards. This one is great for rainy days stuck inside and can be made easy or difficult depending on the age group you are looking to entertain. For instance, a younger group might try their hand at getting two cards to rest on each other without falling, while an older group of summer camp kids might want to aim big with a multi-level house of cards.

Turn this into a craft by simply having the camper glue each of the cards together as they build. To help give the cards a slip-resistant surface, we recommend using an EVA foam floor tile. Not only will it help absorb shock (which means cards won’t fall as easily), it will help maintain the structure of the house of cards as your summer camp members build them up sky-high.

    1. Bubble-Mania

    2. Everyone loves bubbles, so why not add DIY bubble wands to the list of summer camp arts and crafts? Campers will love crafting up their own wands to create a stream of bubbles in unique sizes and shapes and admire the beautiful colors reflected when the light hits them a certain way. Campers can create their own bubble wand with nothing more than three feet of yarn or bakers twine, two screw eyes, and two half-inch dowel rods.

To make the bubble wand, simply thread the twine through each screw eye, making a loop and tying the twine ends together. For bigger bubbles, use more twine, and for smaller bubbles, use less twine. Once your camper’s wands are complete, they can go to town dipping the wand strings into the bubble solution and putting on a bubble show. While bubble-mania is best enjoyed outside, our tatami textured martial arts mats can offer a less slippery surface for the bubble solution that will inevitably cover the floor. You’ll also love that the mats wipe up easily for a quick clean-up and that you can continue to use them for other summer camp crafts.

  1. Rock Painting

  2. Give camper’s a keepsake to take home when camp ends or as something to look for the following year with hand-painted rocks. For this summer camp craft, you’ll want to find flat, smooth rocks and either use paint pens or acrylic paint. Be mindful that acrylic paint may stain clothing or foam mats if not washed off while still wet. With this summer camp craft idea, kids can let their imaginations run wild and design one or several unique painted rocks, taking inspiration from nature, their favorite sport, activity, or colors.
  3. Twig Sailboat Racing

Have a little fun on the water this year at summer camp with the twig boat craft. All you’ll need is some yarn, a whole bunch of twigs, a hot glue gun, and a piece of paper to make a sail. Start by choosing ten or more twigs that are as close to straight as you can find, making sure they are all about the same length. Next, tie a piece of yarn around one twig end, and begin weaving or looping the string around the other twigs to combine them all together in a straight, flat line. Do this on both ends of the twigs.

Next, you’ll want to reinforce the boat’s twig bottom with two new twigs. Lay one twig horizontally onto one end of the twig base, securing each end of the twig to the base. Repeat on the other end of the base with a new twig.

Once your boat base is complete, heat the hot glue gun and glue a single twig standing straight up in the middle of the boat. This will be what you attach the sail to. Once this dries, cut or puncture two holes in the paper, one at the top and one at the bottom, making sure to attach it so it bows out like a traditional sail would. The paper and boat bottom can be as big or small as your campers like, this is a great craft for experimentation!

Once the campers' boats are complete, send them off to the races in a pool, lake, river, stream, or other body of water close by. They are sure to love the friendly competition, all while learning something new.

No matter what’s on your list of fun summer camp crafts this year, be sure to enjoy them in style and comfort with We Sell Mats™ versatile floor tiles, one of the summer camp must-haves for any camper to have the best and most comfortable time at their temporary home away from home. Shop today to discover your new favorite fitness mat, gymnastics mats, or mats for home and office!

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