Spring has Sprung the Chance to Clean Your Mats

Spring has Sprung the Chance to Clean Your Mats

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No matter where they are, be it the gym, classroom, tradeshow booth, or playroom, interlocking foam floor mats carry the distinct advantage of easy cleaning. Alongside their heavy-duty and pro-athlete level counterparts, proper floor mat maintenance is all about regular washing to prolong their value and the peace of mind they offer. With spring just a few weeks away, consider this your wakeup call to adopt a healthier cleaning routine for your mats.

Easy Does It

While strong cleaning solvents such as bleach may seem like a no-brainer to rid the mats of germs, using extreme pH chemicals can damage EVA foam. Instead, daily sweeping or brushless vacuuming along with regular deep-cleaning using a mild soap and hot water removes debris, grease, oil, and germs without harming the material.

After deep cleaning sessions, you should always leave the mats out to dry. Not only are damp mats slippery and dangerous, but if you store or roll up your mats before they are totally dry, it will lead to unhealthy mildew growth. To avoid injury, unpleasant smells, and growths, we recommend leaving them out overnight to be absolutely sure and get the most out of your fresh mats the next day.

We Sell Easy-to-Clean Mats

Wherever your mats are this spring, all it takes to maintain them now and for springs to come is a regular gentle cleaning routine. From brightly colored multipurpose tiles to extra thick tatami mats, a light sweeping, a little bit of warm soapy water, and a good night’s rest will keep them sparkling like the day you got them. For vinyl wrapped gymnastics equipment, Husky mat cleaner is an efficient one-step disinfectant cleaner proven to neutralize microbes and stop mold, mildew, and odor in its tracks.

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