No Demo Pop-Up Camper Floor Renovation Ideas You'll Love

No Demo Pop-Up Camper Floor Renovation Ideas You'll Love

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No Demo Pop-Up Camper Floor Renovation Ideas You'll Love

Considered one of the most affordable travel trailer options ideal for quick weekend getaways to your favorite campgrounds, pop-up campers open the doors to a world of travel opportunity without requiring campers to really “rough-it” in the great outdoors.

Whether your prized family pop-up camper could use some updating, or you’ve recently purchased a second-hand camper you’d like to make your own home sweet traveling home, We Sell Mats™ has the budget-friendly, no-demo pop-up camper floor renovation ideas using interlocking foam floor tiles.

Why Choose Interlocking Tiles For Pop-Up Camper Floors?

Interlocking floor tiles are an incredible pop-up camper flooring option for a couple of reasons. First, the durable EVA foam design is more comfortable underfoot than laminate, wood, or vinyl flooring. Foam floor tiles offer a thicker layer of protection and insulation, which is an advantage pop-up campers benefit from most during cold or windy conditions.

Another reason foam floor tiles make great pop-up camper flooring is that they are waterproof and extremely easy to clean. What’s more, the interlocking design allows for quick and simple installation over any hard, non-carpeted surface. Secure your new flooring with our Double-Sided Floor Tape to ensure your tiles stay put. Tiles can even be easily cut to size for quick custom configuration, allowing you to transform your current pop-up camper flooring look without costly or timely demolition work.

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Last but certainly not least, foam floor tiles are available in several stylish options, making it simple to incorporate your favorite design styles into your new (or improved) pop-up camper. To help spark your renovation imagination, here are three of We Sell Mats™ most popular floor tile options we think you’ll love.

3 Foam Floor Pop-Up Camper Styles To Consider

1. Forest Floor Wood Grain Foam Floor Tiles

Make your pop-up camper remodel feel a little more like home with Forest Floor® Wood Grain Floor Tiles. Available in traditional wood grain and vintage farmhouse looks, the Forest Floor® wood grain foam tile quality and style are stunning options to brighten and modernize your pop-up camper’s interior. Choose from classic oak, trendy light oak, and bamboo, or tone it down with the rich look of cherry wood. If the look of thick plank wood is more of your thing, the farmhouse collection is dressed to impress you and your camper guests every time they walk through the camper door.

2. Carpet-Top Foam Floor Tiles

We understand the wood-look may not serve everyone best, which is why the next pop-up camper floor option on our recommendation list is our Carpet Floor Tiles. Our carpet floor tiles are perfect for those who prefer the feel of carpet underfoot and assemble (or disassemble) just as easily as any other tile option we offer. What’s more, carpet floor tiles still feature a comfortable and supportive foam cushion base and classic color options ideal for when you want to replace your camper floor with something subtle.

3. Rubber Topped Foam Floor Tiles

Last on our list of recommended pop-up camper flooring options are our favorite choice for pets, the VELOTAS® Rubber Topped Foam Floor Tiles. In addition to being a popular fitness flooring choice, the rubber topped foam floor tiles offer superb foam mat support, coupled with a durable rubber surface that will help reduce wear and tear caused by pet nails, all while giving them a more comfortable surface from which to snooze.

No matter where your adventures take you next, go in comfort and style with We Sell Mats™ no demo pop-up camper flooring at your feet. Shop today to start planning your camper renovation project and to discover what other incredible floor mats are waiting to make your life of work, play, and adventure a bit more comfortable.

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