Keeping Kids Off of the Couch During Quarantine

Keeping Kids Off of the Couch During Quarantine

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With schools closed and sports programs suspended indefinitely, all the activities that kept kids moving seemingly disappeared overnight, resulting in kids spending more and more time on the couch watching TV and playing video games. Now that school and other programs are out of the picture, it’s up to parents to keep their kids active and occupied. By keeping kids off the couch in this time when it is easy to do so, parents can keep them on track for when things go back to normal and instill good habits that potentially last a lifetime. 

Staying on Track with the Help of a Routine 

What makes the self-isolation lifestyle jarring for a kid is that where there was once structure, it is now a free-for-all. Before quarantine, they’re days started with urgency bright and early, and with set times. Once they arrived at school, the trend continued as classes, physical activities, and leaving were on a consistent schedule.  

Now that they’re home, you have a wide-open opportunity to continue this trend and occupy your kids with meaningful regular activity. By enforcing a set wake up time every weekday, ensuring they’re on top of their at-home schoolwork, and encouraging daily physical activity. With the help of a routine, your kids have a much better chance at avoiding a day on the couch and making the most out of their time safe at home. 

Physical Activity Done Right 

In order to make the most of your kids’ new dedicated exercise time, we recommend that you equip a space that’s up to the task. With the help of interlocking foam mats, you can prepare any indoor area for exercise and at-home physical education. With the addition of gymnastics shapes like octagons and inclines, you can make the area in question a fun place to play any time of day, without the need for electronics. 

We Sell Mats wishes the best of luck to the parents and guardians across the country that are newly tasked with becoming teachers and coaches. Get inspired with more ways to promote an active quarantine life for the kids in your life. 

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