Staying Active While Staying Safe at Home

Staying Active While Staying Safe at Home

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With the rapidly evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve witnessed several of our favorite local and national businesses temporarily close their doors in the interest of public safety. From restaurants, to sporting events, to schools, its easy to say that everyone has been affected by the pandemic in some way.  

Of the businesses that were forced to close, gyms and fitness clubs were some of the first to go. While making up for lost reps may not be the first thing on your mind in these uncertain times, finding ways to stay active during your self-isolation is the perfect way to keep from going stir-crazy. 

Living Room is the New Gym 

Just because you can’t go to the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t break a quality sweat. Luckily there are thousands of videos on the internet that can be viewed for free on a computer or smart TV to guide you through stationary workouts for any muscle group. Combined with yoga, your living room becomes the complete package for physical wellness. 

A common misconception of the new stay-at-home ordered lifestyle is that it isn’t safe to go outside, which fortunately isn’t the case. Going out for walk or run around the block adds the necessary cardio to your home-workout regiment, and the fresh air is a highly recommended way to stay sane during this challenging time. 

Gear-Up Against the Odds 

If a closed gym and self-isolation has shaken up your workout routine, then now is your chance to outfit your living room or other adapted home workout space with the best equipment. A top-quality folding exercise mat from We Sell Mats keeps you off of the unforgiving floor and is the perfect addition to your quarantine routine. Ours are made robust enough for any type of workout and conveniently fold up to stow away for when your living room goes back to being a living room. 

We Sell Mats is working around the clock packing and shipping orders to ensure everyone has access to a more comfortable home workout and we thank you for doing your part by staying home. 

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