How to Build a Ninja Warrior Course in Your Backyard

How to Build a Ninja Warrior Course in Your Backyard

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Ninja warrior training is a fun and fierce way to stay physically fit in an inclusive and supportive environment. By navigating obstacles designed to challenge both physical and mental strength, ninja warrior training offers unique physical and mental health benefits like focus, precision, improved balance, agility, core strength, and overall functional strength.

So, how can you bring this incredibly beneficial sport home for unlimited enjoyment and exercise? By building a ninja warrior course, of course!

Today, we’ll share how to build a ninja warrior course in your backyard using fundamental obstacles so you and your family members can stay active in a fun and challenging way.

How to Make a Ninja Warrior Course in Your Backyard

Safety First

First and foremost, when learning how to build a ninja warrior course in your backyard, you need to put safety above all else. Given the nature of the ninja warrior sport, there is an increased chance of injury. For this reason, it helps to focus on creating course obstacles that can be managed by every age group participating. Keep elevated obstacles low enough to the ground to help prevent injury in the event of a fall, and never allow younger warriors to attempt obstacles out of their physical capabilities.

We recommend laying ninja warrior mats throughout your ninja warrior course. Tools like crash pads and landing mats are ideal for cushioning even small falls off of rock walls, and rope climbs when laid on a solid, even surface. When practice is over, bring mats inside or store them away in a dry place.

Choose Your Obstacles

One of the best things about making a ninja warrior course in your backyard is the custom options available. For instance, you can make your ninja warrior course as big or small as you’d like and include any type of obstacle you find that will be challenging yet manageable for your family.

You can also make it as budget-friendly or extravagant as your heart desires by converting an existing swing set into a small ninja warrior course or opting in for a professionally designed ninja warrior course for thousands of dollars. When building your own, it helps to use pressure-treated wood for any main structures. Here are some of the most popular ninja warrior obstacles you can consider adding to your backyard course.

    1. Walls

    2. Incorporating walls into your backyard ninja warrior course is a must, and there are multiple ways to add them in. For instance, you could add a rock climbing wall built onto the side of your main structure or build a separate A-frame climbing wall your ninja warrior must ascend and descend before moving onto the next obstacle. For more advanced ninja warriors, a warped wall is a great total-body challenge involving running, explosive movements, and strength.
    3. Ladders

    4. Whether it’s a vertical ladder they must climb or monkey bars they must swing across, the use of ladders is a staple to any ninja warrior course. Use a ladder as the opening obstacle, or utilize it somewhere in the middle of the course. Or, add jumping bars to the course for a more challenging version of the monkey bars.
    5. Rings

    6. Rings offer an incredible upper body workout and can be easily added to any ninja warrior course. We recommend setting up rings your ninja warrior must swing across to reach the other side of the course. Or, for more advanced warriors, consider adding the ring toss obstacle. This movement will have your ninja warrior swinging from side to side, building momentum to lift the ring off its peg and over onto the next one to advance across the course.
    7. Ropes

    8. What’s a ninja warrior course without some swinging action? There are a couple of different ways to incorporate ropes into your course, including a rope climb, Tarzan swings, or a cargo net obstacle warriors must army crawl underneath or find a way across the top.
    9. Slackline or Balance Beams

    10. What better way to test balance and core strength than with a balance beam or slackline walk? Slacklines are best suited for older warriors since they can be difficult to learn. Meanwhile, balance beams are perfect for young ninja warriors who need to learn basic coordination and balancing skills. You can use a
foam balance beam
    or make one from a log or other sturdy, long piece of wood.
  1. Steps

  2. Steps are an easily modified ninja warrior obstacle perfect for courses for warriors of every skill level. You can create different steps of different sizes or heights young contestants must walk across or add slanted quintuple steps to the mix to test that footwork.

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