Hit the Links from Home

Hit the Links from Home

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Apart from some miniature applications, golf is a sport played almost exclusively outdoors. Which for those in colder northern climates, is what keeps them from enjoying the sport year round. While putting practice in the office may scratch the itch from time to time, there is nothing like getting a few full swings in to stay sharp during the offseason. To get over the rough weather, the most eager golfers among us can build a digital golf simulator in the cold-free comfort of their basement to provide a satisfying 18-hole experience 365 days a year.

Make Every Time The Perfect Tee Time

Most complete home golf simulators consist of three main components: the launch monitor, which uses cutting edge technology to track the angle, spin, and velocity of your shot, a projector screen for displaying the virtual course and watching your shot, and a wide launch pad to provide a grass-like surface with a realistic feel.

Because a real tee-box isn’t a hard floor, your simulated one shouldn’t be either. For your launch pad, find a surface that has the right subtle squish and plenty of grip like real grass, bonus points if it's green.

Mats That Are a Hole in One

With your very own golf simulator, golfers can digitally play any course, at any time of day, any time of year. If that sounds like it’s right up your fairway, then let We Sell Mats help you lay down the groundwork for your perfect 24/7 country club. Set the scene with interlocking carpet-top tiles that offer the right amount of give in either one of two shades of green, or whatever color you want your course to be. A home simulator is a great way to stay on top of your golf game, and with the right equipment, you may never need a real course again!

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