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Carpet top foam all colors stacked
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3/8" Thick Carpet-Top Mats

SKU: CRT24X1-10M
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Number of tiles: 0 *Tiles measure 19.7" x 19.7". To achieve exact rug or room dimensions tiles may need to be cut.
Product Description

These interlocking carpet-top mats are 24"x24" and 3/8" thick. The soft padding provides a firm cushion that lessens the impact on the knees, legs and back while standing for long periods of time or playing on the floor. The top layer is made of durable carpet and the bottom layer is anti-fatigue EVA foam. 

These colorful carpet-top tiles are ideal for playrooms and daycares, providing a safe and soft playtime surface for kids of all ages. Not only do they provide great cushioning, they are easy to assemble and are water-resistant to spills and messes that often occur with children. We recommend that these foam tiles be placed over any hardwood, vinyl, tile, cement, or other hard and flat indoor surface for the best results. We do not recommend placing them on top of existing carpet or underneath furniture as indentions will occur. We recommend a non-motorized carpet sweeper ONLY ("push vacuum") for picking up dirt, dust, and lent from these carpet-top foam mats.


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