Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection: 7 Distinguished Color Patterns

Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection: 7 Distinguished Color Patterns

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Discover a comfortable and distinguished flooring solution for your home, office or trade show booth. The Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection from We Sell Mats features 7 printed wood grain patterns that provide extra padding under foot. Made with an anti-fatigue EVA foam, these mats can stand up to everyday wear without looking out of place. They’re easy to install and easy to clean too! A great addition to whichever space you choose. 

Home Use

Enjoy the Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection anywhere in your home that needs a stylish, anti-fatigue surface. The Porch Post White color is perfect for the laundry room, giving your feet relief when standing and folding laundry. Country Side Flag Stone is a fun color for the playroom, providing a nice dark backdrop for all the colorful toys and books. Raven’s Wing Black is a nice dark color for your home gym. No matter which color you choose, any room in your home will benefit from this durable flooring solution, without sacrificing style. 

Office Use

Transform your home office space with the Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection for a professional look without breaking the bank. Choose the Buttered Walnut Light Brown for a lighter wood tone, or the Barnwood Brown for a medium wood tone. Both choices are excellent for your office space, providing a soothing tone that sets you up for success. Whether you stand or sit at your desk, you will enjoy these non-toxic, lead, latex and phthalate free foam floor mats.

Trade Show Booth

If your business finds you working long hours on the trade show floor, you will love this solution: ⅜” Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection foam floor mats. With anti-fatigue EVA foam, you will enjoy comfort and potential customers will love the wood grain look. Wow them with beautiful colors: Roasted Chestnut Dark Brown for a darker tone or Weathered Fence Gray for a lighter tone. Your feet and your business will thank you for choosing these foam floor mats for your trade show booth.

Whichever color you choose, your home, office or trade show booth will benefit from the look and feel of the Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection, available in 7 distinguished colors. With comfort, style and durability, there is nothing to sacrifice here! Shop now at

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