Foam Flooring And Agility Course Ideas For Pets

Foam Flooring And Agility Course Ideas For Pets

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Foam Flooring and Agility Course Ideas for Pets

If you are a pet trainer or pet owner looking to add a little more cushioned support to your pet’s rest, play, or training area, We Sell Mats™ has the pet floor mats you need to make it happen without sacrificing style or affordability.

Whether you need a pet-friendly flooring to match the interior of your home, or a pet agility course flooring option to match your commercial space’s aesthetic, our extensive collection of perfect pet-friendly flooring will make your decision making process simple.

Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly flooring options for you to choose from for any pet-related project.

Pet-Friendly Flooring For Playpens & Crates

Whether playing or taking one of many naps during the day, your pet deserves to roll, chew, or lay upon a comfortable surface. Of course, you deserve to have a pet-friendly flooring option that also matches the interior of you home or blends seamlessly with your existing hardwood flooring, which is why the first pet-friendly flooring option on our list for indoor residential pet play areas are the Forest Floor® wood grain interlocking floor mats.

Available in ⅜” and ⅝” thicknesses and several classic wood grain and farmhouse wood grain printed styles, these anti-fatigue interlocking floor tiles setup just as easily as they clean up giving you a fast and easy installation experience, and a durable, sanitary, supportive space for your furry friends to relax.

Because foam flooring can show pet claw marks after some time, if you require an extra durable pet-friendly flooring option that can protect your traditional flooring, PVC floor tiles may be another great option, but will not provide the same level of cushioned support. Rubber-topped foam floor tiles are another excellent choice for durable, pet-friendly flooring for your home or commercial space that will clean up easily and provide a comfortable surface to practice any command, or take a mid-afternoon snooze. Don’t forget to secure your new pet-friendly flooring to your original floor without fear or sticky residue with our double sided flooring tape.

Pet Agility Course Ideas & Flooring Options

When putting your pet through agility course training, you’ll want to make sure the floor surface is supportive enough to not only avoid fatigue or injury, but protect those paw pads and toe nails as well. For this reason, our standard interlocking EVA foam floor tiles are perfect for pet agility courses for dogs, cats, and bunnies alike.

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    There are plenty of agility courses you can create for your pet, no matter what their type or breed. From bunnies to cats and dogs, any pet can get a great physical and mental workout in through a number of basic agility course options that pair perfectly with our pet-friendly flooring.

    Here are five pet agility course obstacle ideas you can incorporate into your new home or commercial pet agility course:

    Five Pet Agility Course Obstacle Ideas For Any Furry Friend

    1. Tunnel

    One of the most basic pet agility course obstacles perfect for any pet is a tunnel obstacle. Start with an open agility tunnel your pet must run through, and advance to a collapsed tunnel, where the end of the tunnel is collapsed and your pet must “push” through it.

    2. See Saw

    Another great pet agility course obstacle is the see saw, a pivoting plank obstacle where your pet can walk up one side, and continue down to the other side only after their weight causes the other side to swing down.

    3. Jumps

    There are several kinds of jumping obstacles you can incorporate into your pet agility course, including a standard jump over a track and field style hurdle, a panel jump over a flat, wide object, a broad jump, and a circle or window jump, which challenges your pet to jump up and through a circular opening. This can be constructed off the ground or low to the ground, depending on your pet and their agility level.

    4. Weave Poles

    Test your pet's agility with a weave pole obstacle. This obstacle can be extended or shortened depending on the animal, but will help keep your pet mentally engaged in the obstacle course while practicing obedience and speed. You can use poles or dowel rods for this, or simply set up small traffic cones.

    5. Pause Table

    A pause table is a raised platform your pet will jump on, pause for a length of time (your choice), and then continue on the course on your signal and not a second sooner.

    No matter what your flooring needs may be, We Sell Mats™ makes it easy to find the right level of support and durability you require for your day to day life, whether that’s at home, in the office, in the classroom, or at the kennel. Shop We Sell Mats™ today to discover your next favorite kid, exercise, and pet-friendly flooring!

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