Every Great Show Begins with an Award-Worthy Set

Every Great Show Begins with an Award-Worthy Set

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Film and theater productions have countless moving parts, each demanding a crew member with a very specific job. From stunts, to effects, to talent, every crew member has an impact on the final production, sometimes literally. In the case of action-packed set pieces --stunt doubles, stand-ins, and sometimes even the actors themselves must deliver a compelling trip to the floor.

For the rest of the production team, equipment such as greenscreens and sound absorption are invaluable when producing a high-quality film or play. Unfortunately, industry-standard equipment costs an arm and a leg, but if you’re crafty, a smart solution for stunts and effects may be right under your feet.

Lights, Camera, Mats!

Developing film production crews and student theater programs may consider upping the suspense of their piece by introducing a bit more action, but for the cast, crew, and legal department to sign off on it, safety is a top priority. While the grip departments of multimillion-dollar productions are convinced they have the end-all equipment for spicing up films, they haven’t seen what you can do with exercise equipment and some movie magic.

Foam tiles like you would find in a home-gym or playroom are great for absorbing sound and impact, ensuring those doing the stunts are comfortable making contact with the ground/props, and sound good doing it. For the jaw-dropping climactic stunts, a crash pad used by your average gymnastics or cheerleading facility will give your cast the confidence to give the performance of a lifetime.

Setting the Scene for Your Next Blockbuster

Movies and theater productions shouldn’t be held back by the limits of your equipment, that’s why We Sell Mats only makes the highest quality mats. Our interlocking EVA foam mats are as robust as they come and are available in vibrant blues and greens ideal for keying out during post-production. EVA foam is a great noise dampener and its so workable, even the costume department can use it.

For the big stuff, a We Sell Mats crash pad is ready to steal the show as they’re known for superior protection in gymnastics and cheerleading applications. As always, be safe and be on the lookout for more ways to take your productions to the next level.

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