Easy Martial Arts Dojo Setups at Any Location

Easy Martial Arts Dojo Setups at Any Location

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If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your dojo on the go, you’ve just hit the lottery. At We Sell Mats™, you’ll find an incredible selection of easy-to-transport Martial Arts Mats for an on-the-go dojo the martial arts master in your life will be blown away by.

Whether you are a martial arts teacher yourself or the parent of a jiu-jitsu, karate, taekwondo, or wrestling fanatic, these next few products are going to expand the opportunities your martial arts students have to practice the sport they love and improve the skills they need to master to reach their goals.

Five Martial Arts Mats For On-The-Go Training

1. Floor Tiles

No matter where you plan to take your new and improved dojo, the first layer of protection you put down should be interlocking floor tiles. Our interlocking EVA foam floor mats assemble and disassemble quickly, and provide the lightly padded layer in between the rock-hard ground and the next layer of mats. Plus, they are the most customizable solution when space is an issue.

We recommend making your layer of interlocking floor tiles wide enough to provide enough space for the other dojo mats you will layer on top without worrying about falling on the hard ground if you were to miss the mat.

Pro-Tip: All interlocking foam mats are best suited for dry, flat, even surfaces, and should never be installed on non-carpeted surfaces.

2. Tatami Mats

Next up on your list of ideal on-the-go dojo mats are shock-absorbing Tatami Mats. We Sell Mats™ interlocking tatami mats feature an authentic tatami textured surface and ½”, ¾” or 1” thicknesses depending on your needs.

If you want to skip the interlocking floor tiles mentioned above and make your first layer a tatami mat, we recommend opting for the 1” thickness for optimal support. Regardless of which thickness you choose, rest assured the tatami ribbed surface will provide superior traction required to prevent slipping, and anti-fatigue foam cushion support will reduce leg, knee, and back strain during playful practice or intense physical activity.

3. Crash Pads

If your students’ practice routine includes takedowns, Crash Pads are a must. Traditionally used as gymnastic mats for aerial routines, crash pads are designed with an ultra-supportive sponge-core foam padding for the most cushioned support your athletes need for routine work without hesitation. We carry small, medium, and large crash pads with varying thicknesses for optimal support.

4. Wrestling Mats

Depending on your child’s discipline, our Wrestling Mats may prove the perfect mat for travel. These vinyl surface mats easily roll and unroll for quick setup and even easier storage and many are pre-designed with an 8’ circle and starting lines perfect for practicing moves while staying inbounds.

5. Folding Exercise Mats

Wishing for a great martial arts mat that you can also use for other physical activities like yoga or bodyweight exercises? Look no further than our Folding Exercise Mats. These extra supportive, easy to clean, easy to transport fitness mats are perfect for on-the-go training for everyone in your home, including martial arts disciplines. Here are 5 Tips to Identify a Quality Mat.

Handy hook and loop fasteners allow for secure assembly with other folding exercise mats and offer a larger surface area for every move they want to practice. Plus, extra-strength handles make transport simple for an all-around ideal mat you can take anywhere you go.

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No matter what kind of sport you or your child is into, We Sell Mats™ makes it simple to find the most supportive mats they need to safely and successfully hone in on their skills. Browse and shop We Sell Mats™ today to find the best mats for everyone on your list! 

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