Colorful Summer Kids Parties with Multipurpose Mats

Colorful Summer Kids Parties with Multipurpose Mats

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Summertime is perfect for parties! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation or just the summer season, add some vibrant colors with Multipurpose Mats from We Sell Mats. They’re durable, comfortable and come in a variety of colors to enhance your party. Plus, they’re non-toxic and free from lead, latex and phthalates. 

Enhance Your Party Theme 

With 16 colors to choose from, We Sell Mats is sure to have a color (or two, or three) to compliment your kids party theme. Shop our ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Mats in purple, red, lime green, orange and MANY more for a pop of fun. You can also shop our Alternating Color Packs in sky blue and white; pink and white; and 3 other color combinations. Guests will easily pick up on the theme when you enhance it with colorful foam mats. 

Designate a Play Area

Both indoor and outdoor parties can benefit from a play area for the kids. Create a designated play zone anywhere you’d like. Each foam mat is 24” x 24” to help you determine how many mats you will need for your space. Once you lay down the foam mats, add some toys and party favors and your play space is complete! Kids will be drawn to the colorful space and your floors will be protected from spills or damage. Easily contain the kids and the mess. 

*Remember, our Multipurpose Mats perform best on top of a hard flat surface. 

Clean Up is a Breeze

When the party's over, don’t worry! Clean up is a breeze with our water-resistant Multipurpose Mats. Start by sweeping away any dirt and debris. Then get a mild soap, warm water and a cloth to wipe down the mats. Make sure to allow them to air dry completely before storing them. Don’t just wait for the next party to use your new mats again. Use them in your kids playroom or nursery, add them to your home gym or home office. You can even use these mats in the laundry room or pantry due to their water-resistant nature. Add a pop of color in your home!

Enjoy the season and make your party easier with vibrant, colorful foam mats from We Sell Mats. Enhance your party theme with complimentary colors. Designate a play area for kids of any age. Enjoy easy clean up and protect your floors. We Sell Mats is ready to celebrate the summer with you!

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