Camping in Comfort: How Foam Tiles Can Improve Your Overland Set-Up

Camping in Comfort: How Foam Tiles Can Improve Your Overland Set-Up

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Camping and overlanding are ideal ways to disconnect from the bustle of daily life and enjoy the outdoors. But there is one essential element that can’t be overlooked, no matter how beautiful the vistas may be you have to have a proper sleeping setup. That’s where our interlocking foam flooring can help.


Foam floor tiles offer a versatile and practical campsite upgrade, providing comfort, insulation, and protection from rough terrains. Let's explore how to make the most of foam floor tiles during your next outdoor expeditions.


Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Selecting the right foam floor tiles is crucial for a successful camping trip. Our tiles and floor systems are high quality, durable and lightweight. They provide excellent insulation and cushioning and are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing for hassle-free packing and transport.


Finding the Right Location

Finding the perfect spot to set up your sleeping area is essential. Clear the ground from any debris or sharp objects that may damage the tiles. Lay the interlocking foam tiles on a flat and level surface, ensuring a stable foundation for your sleep setup.


Combine Your Gear for a Better Experience

Foam floor tiles offer more than just a soft sleeping surface. Enhance their insulating properties by placing a moisture-resistant barrier underneath the tiles to prevent cold and dampness from seeping through. Additionally, consider layering a thermal sleeping pad or air mattress on top of the foam tiles for added comfort and warmth.


More than Just a Good Night’s Sleep

Versatility is a key advantage of foam floor tiles. They can be used not only for sleeping but also for creating a comfortable seating area or as protective flooring in your camping kitchen. Customize your campsite by interlocking the tiles in different configurations to suit your specific needs.


Foam floor tiles are a valuable addition to any camping or overlanding setup, offering comfort, insulation, and versatility. By selecting the right tiles, setting up your sleeping area properly, and maximizing their potential, you can transform your outdoor experience into a cozy and enjoyable adventure. Embrace the convenience and comfort these tiles provide for your next adventure.


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