Break World High Jump Records with the Super Spring Jump Mat

Break World High Jump Records with the Super Spring Jump Mat

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Have you ever dreamed of setting a world record? Well with a little help from We Sell Mats™, your dream might just come true! Get ready to set a high jump record even Guinness's Book of World Records won’t believe with the We Sell Mats™ Super Spring high jump track and field mat!

BREAKING NEWS: Super Spring High Jump Mats are Now Available to the Public for the First Time…Ever!

In 2021, Cuban native Javier Sotomayor set the high jump world record, reaching a height of just over 8 feet. But in 2022, YOU will hold that title. That is–of course–if you have the Super Spring high jump mat at your bouncing disposal!

The Super Spring high jump mat is the ONLY mat you need to reach peak performance on your high jumps. In fact, studies by the University of Kookamunga’s Department of Bounce Analytics proved that the Super Spring high jump mat can increase jump height by up to 35 feet after one bounce, and nearly 1,320 feet (¼ mile!) after just FIVE bounces!

You might have heard the idea of Super Spring technology from world-renowned innovator Francis Petersham, (you know, the French engineer that inspired Elon Musk) but this is the first time a spring mat of this proportion is available for purchase. Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you bounce into the stratosphere (we’re not joking, you WILL reach the stratosphere)! Don’t worry–you’ll probably be back in time for lunch! But just in case you’re not, you might want to pack a snack or two!

So, what makes this one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking mat so powerful? Well, superior bounce technology, of course!

Innovative Designs to Your High Jump Skills to New Heights

The Super Spring high jump training mats are designed with cutting-edge hydro-cylindrical coils protected by springform memory foam and wrapped in our patented spring rubber covers resistant to weather, stains, and harsh landings (oh yes–there will be plenty of those).

Together, these groundbreaking technologies help athletes achieve jumping altitudes never before seen in the sports world. The Super Spring mat is the perfect practice tool to help you explore new heights, gain confidence in your skills, or get out of dodge for an interstellar staycation. What more could you want?

They say with great power comes great responsibility. While we highly encourage advanced athletes to take their skills to the next level, we also strongly recommend using your Super Spring high jump training mats with the proper crash pads and landing mats. After all, falling from such heights can create quite an impact your body has never experienced before!

Reach New Heights Safely with Crash Pads & Landing Mats

We carry an incredible selection of small, medium, and large crash pads made from supportive sponge-core foam padding for a safe landing, a must-have when using the Super Spring high jump training mat. Add pole and post Padding to your order to create the safest high jump space possible. Mix and match colors, or choose the same color for a uniform look, or to represent your team or school logo!

No matter what your athletic aspirations may be, We Sell Mats™ makes it simple to find the best track and field mats to help you reach your goals. Shop the Super Spring high jump mat today and be one of the world’s first to achieve historic high jump records!

Don’t forget to invite family and friends to your Super Spring high jump mat launch party to catch your history-making jumps on video! Buy one today! (Or not. Happy April Fools Day!)

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