Better Knee Support Makes the Jobsite Work for You

Better Knee Support Makes the Jobsite Work for You

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For millions of American tradespeople, spending hours kneeling in low or tight spaces is a part of the job. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of their knees, which accounts for nearly a fifth of lost-time injuries according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. To prevent long-term knee damage and lower income caused by lost worktime, all tradespeople should consider investing in proper knee protection. 

Choosing the Right Knee Protection 

When it comes to safeguarding your knees on the jobsite, most tradespeople flock to knee pads and rolling protection. While kneepads are great for protecting against continuous impact whether you’re sitting, kneeling, or standing, they tend to restrict range of motion. Additionally, prices for kneepads can stretch upwards of $60, meanwhile rolling protection ranges from $55 to $260, making them both expensive options.  

An option that most people forget to consider when shopping for jobsite knee protection is a portable mat to be deployed anywhere that requires you to work on your knees. A forgiving surface like foam offers impact absorption and comfort without compromising a range of motion. A large foam mat also grants you the opportunity to move across several square feet of floorspace without the need for wheels. 

Mats That Are Up to the Task 

If you plan on using foam mats to protect your knees on the jobsite, the only place you need to shop is We Sell Mats. Not only does our EVA foam rival the padding of kneepads but even our thickest foam tiles will only cost $15 for 8 sq. ft of lightweight workspace. For heavy-duty applications, Vélotas Rubber-Topped tiles offer similar protection while also standing up to added wear and tear from rugged boots and tools.  

We Sell Mats thanks all of the essential tradespeople and workers getting the world through this tough time and we encourage all tradespeople to take jobsite safety seriously by considering the long-term health of their joints. Check out more padding options designed for the workplace and beyond. 

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