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1" thick martial arts mats all colors stacked
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1" Thick Martial Arts Mats - 4 Color Options

SKU: TL24X1-25M
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Product Description

1 Inch Martial Arts Mats

If you’re looking for durable, water-resistant and shock-absorbent tatami textured surface mats for residential or commercial use, look no further than We Sell Mats™ 1 inch MMA mats. Made from a high-quality EVA foam, these 1 inch martial arts mats offer the ultimate protective flooring and provide the most cushion for high-impact activities.

Where to Use Our 1 Inch Martial Arts Mats

The 1 inch thickness of our MMA mats are recommended for heavy traffic areas, commercial gyms, and for intense workouts that would require the maximum level of floor protection without sacrificing grip and stability. You’ll love how they support you during all of your high-intensity martial arts and MMA exercises, including grappling, kicking, jumping, tumbling, and routine work.

1 inch MMA mats should always be installed on top of a hard, flat, indoor surface, and never on top of carpet, as this will provide an uneven subfloor and increase the risk of trip/slip hazards caused by disconnected tiles or tiles slipping on the carpeted surface.  For added stability on your hard, flat surface, secure to the floor with double-sided floor tape.

Easy to Install, Easy to Clean

The 1 inch martial arts mats assemble quickly so you can set up your flooring easily and disassemble in no time. Creating a smooth and seamless padded surface is easier than ever thanks to the two border tiles included with each tile. You’ll also love how quickly and easily they clean up after an intense session, with a disinfectant and microfiber cloth being all you need to keep them clean.

Other Martial Arts Mat Products

If 1 inch martial arts mats are too thick for your needs, we also carry ¾” martial arts mats and ½” tatami foam tiles to meet your needs. Whether you need to take your mats with you on the go, or you’d like a secure place to store them when not in use, you need our foam floor tile carrying bag! This 25x25x14 carrying bag is perfect for transporting or storing your ½ inch, ¾ inch, or 1 inch MMA mats to and from your desired location, or for safe keeping at home.

Shop We Sell Mats™ 1 inch MMA mats today and choose from five color options, or mix and match colors for a custom look without compromising fit or functionality in your home MMA or martial arts studio!



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