Become Centered with the Peaceful Art of Meditation

Become Centered with the Peaceful Art of Meditation

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If there was any time to start taking more time for yourself, 2020 is that time. Between a global health crisis and a vicious news cycle, this year has been unusually taxing. Of the countless methods for unwinding and destressing, but perhaps the most effective is to do nothing at all. Over the past few years, the holistic practice of meditation has seen growth in circles of people that are seeking peace, self-discovery, and mental healing, and it may be just the thing to keep us focused and optimistic during this unrelenting year.

Betterment through Mental Harmony

No, taking a brief moment out of your hectic day to focus on your breathing and inner peace isn’t going to make you levitate, but it does come with a laundry list of science-backed benefits in regard to your mental health, social life, and even physical well-being. Throughout comprehensive research at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, medical professionals were able to discover across an 8-week study of 3,515 adults that meditation decreases a person’s total stress, feelings of depression, and complaints of chronic pain. As for social improvement, in a separate report, scientists were able to discover that through the right form of meditation, subjects displayed a better outlook on their communities and social interaction.



Making Your Most Mindful Meditation Space

In order to meditate properly, it helps to have a soft relaxing place in your home for it. As the soft surface specialists, We Sell Mats has tons of ways to add a little extra “om” to your home. If you’re looking for your center of centeredness to match your existing floor, Forest Floor printed tiles offer a forgiving surface that matches any wood floor. For an extra-soft meditation station, tatami textured martial arts mats offer up to 1 inch of comfy padding that might actually make you feel like you are floating.

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