Advance Any Office with Ample Accommodations

Advance Any Office with Ample Accommodations

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No matter where you get work done, it’s probably changed a lot in recent years. Spread out desks, working alone, and ditching formal workplaces altogether round out just a few ways offices have drastically changed. Be it due to recent health concerns or just natural progression towards the hip and laid-back, the days are numbered for your parents’ definition of an office. While there’s no telling where the workplace is headed in terms of location, optimizing the space for comfort appears to be the trendy yet effective way to boost morale and in turn, productivity.

From Cubicles to Calisthenics

We’ve all seen it, the nap pods, slides, and fitness centers that grace the colorful halls of multi-billion dollar tech offices, challenging the traditional office and proving that a workplace filled with quality-of-life amenities really works. For your own office, why not try the same with fitness amenities and alternative seating.

Sitting in a typical desk chair all day isn’t the only option anymore; between unhealthily hunching over and unproductively lounging back, desk chairs are imperfect in many ways. To keep yourself upright, exercise balls, gymnastics shapes, and simply standing from time to time are useful alternatives that are as good for your back as they are for your workflow.

Like the offices of Silicon Valley tech giants would suggest, taking a break here and there to relax your brain and get your body moving makes for a noticeably happier workday. With a yoga mat by your desk, putting down your work once a day in favor of a quick refreshing workout will help the day feel more fulfilling.

Build Your Better Office

Whether you have your desk in the closet or the corner office, some you-centric upgrades from We Sell Mats may be necessary to make work not feel like a chore. If you're looking to ditch the clunky desk chair, gymnastics shapes make great alternative seating and anti-fatigue foam flooring feels better to stand on when there’s no seat at all. In the case of a workout break, compact La Baleza™ yoga mats or more robust personal exercise mats are ready for the job.

Ultimately the most important part of your office is you, and with a few contemporary tweaks that promote a livelier workday, you may just discover how offices were always meant to be.

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