3 Tips For Creating a Pop-Up Event Space That Shines

3 Tips For Creating a Pop-Up Event Space That Shines

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Pop-up events like local or large trade shows are a unique opportunity for businesses of all sizes to make a lasting impression on potential clients and customers.

These in-person pop-up events are a rare moment for many individuals and businesses to experience your brand and what they can expect when they buy from or work with you. In fact, a 2019 study by Hill & Partners discovered that 74% of trade show pop-up event attendees believe engaging with exhibitors makes them more likely to buy the products or services being promoted. Now that’s good for business!

Whether you are a small business setting up a pop-up shop at a local event or a trade show event regular, capturing the attention of pop-up event attendees should always be a top priority on your list. We Sell Mats™ is here to help make sure it is.

Here are three actionable tips for creating a pop-up shop that stands out at any pop-up event.

3 Tips For Creating An Attention-Grabbing Pop-Up Shop

1. Invest In Your Booth Design

The first tip to making an impression at your next pop-up event is to WOW with your display. From the floors to the temporary walls and every display table in between, you’ve got to dress to impress if you want prospective clients to treat you like a serious contender for their business.

Step one to making your pop-up shop stand out is flooring. You’ll want something that looks great, assembles and disassembles quickly, and withstands foot traffic. At We Sell Mats™, you will find several pop-up event flooring options that check all of these boxes, all while being extremely comfortable underfoot.

Choose from modern hardwood styles of the Forest Floor® wood grain floor tiles for an upscale design, or opt-in for rubber topped foam fitness mats best suited for product demonstrations. Care to make your mark with colorful flooring? Our classic multi-purpose interlocking floor tiles have it covered with 16 color options.

Next come the walls and product displays. While you want to capitalize on this opportunity to showcase your product, avoid overwhelming the attendees with bulky displays or excessive visuals. Consider adding visual or interactive media to help sell your product or services, ensuring all key messaging sits higher than waist height. Create more marketing real estate by placing your most important messages on the back wall, ensuring photo or text resolution, colors, and clarity are on point.

2. Incorporate A Giveaway Or Useful Swag

Trade show pop-up events are an incredible way to get your products or services seen by hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers, but considering you’re not the only one trying to make a splash, you’ve got to make your efforts really count. One way to grab event attendees’ attention is a giveaway opportunity, along with swag that’s both useful, and unique (hint: coffee cups and corporate pens aren’t going to cut it).

One reason these marketing tactics work so well is for the simple fact that you’re driving people to your pop-up shop, which can help create a swirl of attendees around you. Ultimately this helps capture the attention of other attendees who will more than likely want a look at the booth stirring up so much excitement.

Another reason is that promotional swag increases brand awareness, and brand awareness helps your business grow. Plus, great giveaways and unique swag will not be forgotten by those who get—and use them—regularly, improving your chances of those attendees seeking you out at the next tradeshow or considering the role of your product in their daily life—in which case, mission accomplished!

3. Utilize Social Media

If you really want to make your pop-up shop shine at your next trade show, start advertising yourself long before the event takes place. Social media is one of the most effective free marketing tools to create a buzz about your upcoming trade show pop-up shop. Use it to announce event giveaways, awesome swag items up for grabs, and the products attendees can expect to try out at the event. If email marketing works well for you, consider sending out a notification that you’ll be attending the trade show to build awareness. You might be surprised to see how many more visitors your pop-up shop gets.

Shop We Sell Mats™ Today to Start Customizing Your Brand’s Pop-Up Event Booth

No matter what product, experience, or service your pop-up shop is looking to promote, We Sell Mats™ makes it simple to find the high quality, comfortable, functional trade show flooring you need to set the foundation to a pop-up shop that sells. Shop today and start designing your new, improved, and impressive pop-up shop design for your next trade show event. 

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