Exercise Equipment Mats Ideal for Bikes and Treadmills

Support your personal fitness equipment and protect your floors with the VELOTAS® PVC fitness and exercise equipment mats from We Sell Mats™. These tear-resistant gym equipment mats protect your floors from indentations and scratches commonly associated with heavy gym equipment, and work great over our residential and commercial rubber gym flooring to create a workout space designed to protect your floors while giving you the firm support you need to safely use your stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, benches and free weights. 

Stationary Gym Equipment Mats

Placing heavy exercise equipment like rowing machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, weights and weightlifting benches directly onto your floors can result in scratched or damaged floors. With We Sell Mats™ VELOTAS® tear-resistant exercise equipment mats you’ll protect your floors from damage with a 2mm thick PVC mat that’s easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. This ultra-slim rubber treadmill mat and bike mat offers maximum durability with a sleek, low profile so you’ll never compromise quality for style. Choose from four sizes of exercise equipment mats for optimiat floor protection based on your needs.

Strength Training Mats

Strength training equipment free weights, barbells and weight benches can damage floors if not placed on the correct gym equipment mats or flooring. With VELOTAS® Pro Series gym equipment mats you’ll have a designated space to put your heavier strength training equipment without worrying about damaging your floors. To create a truly unique gym space that fits your needs and gives you the support for other types of exercise like yoga, stretching or bodyweight work, consider We Sell Mats™ folding and padded exercise mats. These mats will provide the cushion you need to protect your knees, elbows and back from bodyweight exercises like burpees, sit ups, planks, and sit well on top of our other rubber gym flooring or interlocking foam carpet tiles. What’s more, these mats will fold away for easy storage and come with handles for easy transport anywhere you want to take them. 

The VELOTAS® Pro Series PVC gym equipment mats are the long lasting, high quality exercise equipment mat you need to create a home gym space or commercial gym space that looks great while protecting your floors. Shop We Sell Mats™ extensive line of fitness mats and floor tiles to create a gym space that works for you. Discover We Sell Mats™ gym equipment mats and home and office floor mats today for the flooring options you didn’t know you needed.