Foam Tiles Ordering Tips


Foam tiles that customers may have purchased previously are not guaranteed to match tiles that are currently available on our website. We suggest that when you are purchasing interlocking foam, consider buying several extra tiles to use at a later date. This will ensure that you receive tiles that were manufactured in the same lot. 

Can your tiles be used outside?

We do not suggest outdoor use as they do not work on uneven surfaces and the foam colors will fade over time.

Can your tiles be used as a base for my temporary outdoor swimming pool?

We do not recommend our tiles for outdoor use although customers have used them underneath their temporary pools. These customers did not mind that the sun faded the tiles, and that the heavy pool eventually made them warp. They typically discarded them when they took their pools down for the winter.

Are your foam tiles good for heavy weights?

We do not recommend our foam tiles for heavy equipment or dropping weights on them as both will cause permanent indentions. If you need something heavy duty, call us for a quote on our commercial rubber flooring or our PVC tiles.

Can your tiles be used with pets?

We do not recommend them for pets because claws will leave permanent scratches on them. Many customers have used them for older pets’ comfort and others have used them for pet agility training only with the expectation they will need to be replaced as needed.

Are the tiles good for damp areas, such as basements?

Yes; they can be easily cleaned with soap and water and they air dry quickly.

I'm using your EVA foam tiles in my garage. Can I drive my car or other vehicle on them?

No, we do not recommend parking or driving on them. 

Are the tiles waterproof?

No they are not waterproof.

Are your tiles safe for children?

We do not recommend our products for children ages 3 and under as they could be a choking hazard. Please note that the plastic wrap covering is also a choking hazard. NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED. Always use with adult supervision. Prior to using, inspect the product. Discard product at the first sign of damage.

Do you offer samples of your foam tiles?

Yes! We provide up to (3) samples per customer. Each foam tile style offers an option for free samples, right below the "add to cart" button. There is a flat $4.00 shipping fee plus sales tax where applicable. Sorry, we cannot provide samples for PVC tiles or custom 100% rubber products. Sales, promotions, and coupon codes are not applicable on samples.

How do I clean your foam tiles?

Clean tiles with liquid dish detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Rinse tiles and allow to completely air dry before putting back down on the floor. 

How do I measure my floor to figure out how many tiles I need?

First, multiply length x width of your space. Example: if you have a room that measures 10 feet, 6” long x 10 feet wide, that equals 126” x 120” for a total of 15,120 square inches. Lastly, divide that number by 144 inches like this: 15,120 / 144 = 105 square feet. You can use our easy calculator on the foam tile product listings to figure out how many tiles you need for 105 square feet. Just click on “help me calculate.”

I know how many square feet I need, but how do I know how many tiles I need?

Divide your square feet by 4. For instance, 105 / 4 = 26.5, so round up to 27 tiles. We also suggest a 5% overage for mistakes, such as when trimming to fit.

What tools do I need to trim the tiles to fit my space?

Only use a utility knife with a fresh, sharp blade. You will also need a metal straight edge. To prevent accidents we suggest you wear safety gloves and safety goggles while cutting.

How many borders come with your foam floor tiles?

Each tile comes with (2) border edges.

Do you sell extra border edges?


Are all four sides interlocking like a puzzle?


What do the bottoms of the tiles look like?

The bottom is smooth.

Do you sell transition strips for your foam floor tiles?


My new mats don't match the shade of the mats I ordered from you a few years ago; why not?

We have improved our manufacturing process and older lots will not usually match newer products.

Do your foam tiles interlock with others I bought from another company?

No, every retailer has a different design.

Do your wood grain, multipurpose, carpet top, rubber top, diamond plate pattern tiles all interlock?

No, every style is unique and are not interchangeable. We also do not suggest interlocking various thicknesses with each other as they will cause an uneven surface.


New merchandise in original packaging may be returned for any reason within 30 days of delivery. Damaged items must be reported within 5 days of delivery. All returned goods will be assessed a 15% re-stocking fee.* Buyers are responsible for all return shipping charges. Refunds will be issued upon receipt of the returned item(s). Original shipping charges, if any, are non-refundable. We Sell Mats will assume responsibility for return shipping costs only if the return request is a result of our error. Seller errors include, but are not limited to, shipping an item other than what was ordered or shipping to an address other than the one indicated on the order. You must report seller errors within 14 days of delivery. Gift Certificates are non-refundable.

Customers may request a return authorization by calling customer service at 704-799-9947 Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. Alternatively, Customers may contact us by sending an email to, making sure to reference the original order number and the reason for return. All customers are encouraged to retain the original shipping package as it is the most suitable container for return shipments.

Items sold by We Sell Mats are intended for end-user customers only. Only end-user customers are covered under our Return Policy. Businesses which purchase items for commercial use or for resale are not covered by our Return Policy.