Your Guide to Cheer Season Prep At Home

Your Guide to Cheer Season Prep At Home

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With cheer season and high school tryouts just around the corner, it's crucial to stay in top shape and perfect your skills as you get ready for the season. Even if you can't practice at the gym, you can still achieve your goals by creating a home workout space.


Below are a few to help you make the cut.


Quality Cheer Mats

A high-quality mat means you can push harder at home knowing you have a safe and comfortable spot to land. Our wide range of exercise, gymnastics, and cheer mats provide excellent shock absorption and are available in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate your needs. Ensure you have enough space to practice your tumbling passes, jumps, and stunts without limitations.


Fitness and Stretching Equipment

Improving your flexibility and strength is key to excelling in cheerleading. Consider adding items such as resistance bands, foam rollers, and balance beams to your home gym setup to stay in top form. These tools will help you enhance your overall performance and prevent injuries.


Portable Balance Beams

Perfecting your balance and posture is crucial in cheerleading. offers portable beams that can be easily set up in your home. You can even join more than one together with the interlocking hook and loop material to extend your beam. These beams are a great way to  practice stability and will help you achieve better body control and alignment.


The Incline Mat

Incline mats are another valuable addition to your home cheer setup. These mats are designed to provide a sloped surface, perfect for practicing handstands, walkovers, and back handsprings. By incorporating incline mats into your training, you can improve your technique and build strength for advanced tumbling skills.


Prepping for cheer season at home is easier than ever with the right products. Whether it's cheer mats, fitness equipment, or gymnastics accessories, we have everything you need to create a successful training space. Stay motivated, dedicated, and consistent, and get ready to shine during this cheer season.

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