Your Best Costume Yet Using Tools from the Pros

Your Best Costume Yet Using Tools from the Pros

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Halloween is just around the corner, and while we can’t promise the tricks, treats, or parties will be the same this year, dressing up as someone else might be the perfect little escape. The best costumes are the ones you put work into, so to get the most out of this uncertain Halloween, and take advantage of lower stakes costume parties, 2020 might be the year for you to start taking your costumes to a professional level. Top-tier costume design, also known as cosplay, starts from raw materials and requires precision and vision beyond typical costume making, and we know just the place to get started.

A Material that Does it All

Believe it or not, every cosplayer from beginner to competition winner works with the same pivotal material. EVA foam, like you would find on the floor of a home gym or children’s playroom, is renowned in the costume crafting community for its balance of comfort, workability, and rigidity.

Getting started using EVA foam for cosplay creations is easy; the forgiving material is easy to trim with a simple craft knife and shape with a heat gun. For adding depth and intricacy to your ensemble, layering pieces of EVA foam with hot glue works extremely well.

Foam to Spark Your Creativity

For first timers dipping their toes into the highest level of costume design, mistakes are going to happen while you get accustomed to the material, but the stunning results make it all worth it. To give yourself plenty to work with, We Sell Mats suggests grabbing a big stack of our signature interlocking EVA foam tiles. Cosplayers love the easy-to-paint texture and trust We Sell Mats’ commitment to quality materials that spark their creative character creation.

We Sell Mats looks forward to seeing what you can create with our mats, check out our cosplay Pinterest board to inspire your crafty side.

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